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Adrotherapy, an effective hope for the "toughest" patients

November 14, 2019 – 6:20 pm

Innovative treatment for the treatment of uncertain and traditional radiotherapy-resistant tumors: 2500 Italian patients treated to date. It is an advanced and evolved form of radiotherapy available only in six centers around the world, including one in Italy. And it is reimbursed by the National Health Service for those patients who suffer from very specific types of cancer that cannot be treated otherwise. Here's what you need to know.

on Vera Martinella

Hodoratherapy is a modality of radiation therapy that involves the use of particle beams, protons and carbon ions (atomic particles, called "hadrons" heavier and more energized than electrons and therefore more precise and effective), which target cancer cells in a targeted and precise manner. , preservation of healthy tissues. "Hodoratherapy is not experimental therapy, but an advanced form of radiotherapy developed to treat tumors that are non-operative and resistant to traditional radiation treatments," explains Lisa Lectra, scientific director of the National Center for Oncology Adult Therapy (JNA) and among the six in the world with Japan, Austria, Germany and China, which can perform both proton and carbon ion adsorption.

14 November 2019 18:20


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