Thursday , October 1 2020

Adrian, Maria De Philippi brings back the stolen and stolen show at Selentano


Adrian it is probably one of the most discussed programs of the last period. Despite being a product designed and presented by Adriano Selentano, the show struggles to take off. If the first episode gets low praise, with an unsatisfactory audience, Molegiato please try again with the second.

To reduce the public's curiosity, in the first episode Adriano Celentano he invited a few big names to the show: Gary Scotty, Paolo Bonolis, Piero Kiambretti, Massimo Gilletti, Carlo Conti and Luciano Ligabo. For the second, of course, does not want to disappoint Expectations To support it, this time, in fact, there are Maria De Philippi and Ianani Morandi, who opened the show with a beautiful little curtain and recalling Selentano's most impressive gestures.

Adriano starts singing and is right away standing ovations. Dressed in velvet, Maria De Philippi takes the stage, directs and ironically asks for Selentano to remain silent. And he begins to tell Adriano a little:

There was a child who was convinced and still convinced that it was easier to be happy as a child than as an adult. That kid is you.

then, brings the reins on the program and invites Selentano to sing again. And this time, Adrian persuasion. The voice of the singer and the narrative power of Maria De Philippi blot out the bad moods. Ianani Morandi with her joy and positivity has added value to this evening of celebration in the name of Italian music.

Performance, between songs and conversations, flows beautifully. De Philippi also manages to snatch a statement from Selentano, who, speaking of his wife Claudia Mori, says: "She's beautiful even when she raises her voice." Then, without hiding the criticism he received, he asks "should I just sing or even speak?" Morandi says of his: "People want to hear you sing. When you sing, expand everybody's heart. "

The program, it must be admitted, has serious problems from the beginning. The head must be Michel Funchiker, who, however, she says, would retire when she senses that Adriano Selentano is not very present. His bitter words, posted on Corriere della Sera, leave no doubt about the difficulty in showing the TV singer's show:

We waited for hours and hours, walking through the studio, waiting for Selentano to arrive. In the meantime, no one could make a decision. One day I finally saw him, I said to him, "Adriano the public loves you, not your absence. Fans love you. " There was nothing to do. So I decided to leave.

With her skills, Maria de Filippi realized Junziker's intuition and placed Adriano Selentano at the center of the program, fulfilling the wishes of the public. The presenter will be able to get off the ground Adrian? And, what should we expect for the next episodes of the show?

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