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Access to non-diets and intuitive eating

The word diet today has a meaning far beyond its etymology: it comes from Greek diet (Diaita) and that means habit, way of life. Today its most commonly used synonym is a diet that involves calorie restriction, deprivation, giving up and controlling the body. The word diet, however, is also a label on a drawer of hidden desires such as social approval strictly related to self-acceptance.
But what if they were really DIETS (because they are now infinite: from Ducan, to Keto, to Paleo …) the cause of overweight and eating disorders? It is a provocation, but it has a fund of truth.

In the book Dieting makes you fat Since 1983, a perverse relationship between weight control and weight gain was already assumed. And not just because, as the book says, after a period of caloric restriction, adipocytes develop a "revenge" on food (technical hyperphagia) that is still being studied, but why even after losing weight the psyche is hungry. Calorie restriction has effects on the body, but it also affects many other aspects of life, such as our social animal. Hands that didn't have to give up birthday parties or dessert with friends because it was mode, how would the French say?

on Not approaching diets, instead, it is a non-diet: it is a new way of conceiving the body, its weight and at the same time correlated spheres, psychological state in the first place. It is a holistic approach to the concept of weight currently used in the UK and the US, which is used to help obese patients and not to establish a healthy connection between body, mind and food. Non-dieting begins primarily with the concept that there is no ideal number to read on a carriage, but a range of weight that is sustainable even psychologically in which one can be happy and allow one to enjoy their daily lives better activities and from the life of relationships. Because a lean body is not necessarily healthy, just as a lean body does not have to automatically trigger an emergency. We discussed the approach of non-diets in the episode of "Call the Trainer", Diet, food and no diet. A new approach to weight with Veronica Bignetti.

But then? on the question is legitimate.

Let's start by saying that the starting point of the approach is not dieting body acceptance, that is, to love yourself as it is, whatever the scale. The second step is to internationalize the method ofIntuitive eating, or reconcile with food and the idea of ​​a slang, and learn to recognize when the sin of the deaf is a "patch for the psyche," or to understand when we resort to food to compensate for situations of discomfort and frustration.

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