Friday , September 25 2020

A referee referee attacked on the pitch in 2014. The Hague collects its map – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Excluding the race director, who attacked the Arbitration Association a year ago, accusing him of leaving. "Tragicomic story," she commented. The Answer: "Its Version Is Not Reliable"

No more haggard cards for Elena Proetti, current sports adviser in Terni. This was established by the Umbrian Disciplinary Commission of the Italian Association of Judges. In 2014, Proetti was attacked during the Real Quadrelli – Trevana First Division match. In an attempt to put an end to the fight, the race director at the time received a punch that caused permanent damage to one eye and one ear. Last November, a judge publicly attacked The Hague, accusing the Association of leaving it.

lightning attack

Here then is the Disciplinary Commission's response, which punishes the Umbrian whistleblower for "talking to the media without seeking any authorization for The Hague". However, Proyethy is not there: "Here is the epilogue to this tragicomic affair – wrote the Facebook adviser – in which those who suffer violence can neither speak nor be publicly condemned. After 15 years of service, my card was withdrawn because I tried to sensitize public opinion against violence against judges. Ad maiora ”.

the position of aya

On the other hand, the Disciplinary Panel's view is different: “The Hague – explain the official note – did everything in its power to assist the victim. The version of the episode provided by the media association does not seem credible. " For the Association, Elena Proetti told the media to get publicity: "Given that the declarations were published four years after the episode – the Commission is motivated – conduct in the whole affair by the collaborator seems quite instrumental, dictated by personal and political goals, exploiting it the advantage, in the discussion going on, of a serious episode of violence that occurred during the race to promote Lazio. "

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