Monday , September 20 2021

A large police operation is underway in Montreal

In Montreal, Canada, a large-scale police operation is still under way around the headquarters of Ubisoft (developer and publisher of video games) on St. Boulevard in the Mile End neighborhood, which started around 3 (local time, 21 Italian time).
However, police said they had not identified any specific threats so far.

There are many ambulances and teams of armed agents in the area. Some pictures taken in the area and shared on social media in the last two hours showed dozens of people on the roof of the building, with the front door to the roof blocked from the outside with large objects.

Police responded after calling the emergency number reporting an armed robbery: the area was isolated and Montreal citizens were asked not to approach.
There were no reports of injuries or deaths, and police did not confirm versions of various news outlets that were rumored to have been taken hostage.

An Ubisoft employee told Journal of Montreal who barricaded himself in a room with his colleagues at around 3.20 in the morning, while the police searched the building. Just before 4 a.m. (local time, 10 p.m. Italian time), police said no specific threats had been identified and procedures had begun to evacuate people from the building.

Dozens of people were then escorted out; operations are not yet complete.

Most Ubisoft employees in Montreal work remotely, so there were not many people on site. Normally, there are almost 4,000 people working there.

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