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6-7 (3) 6-3 7-6 (4), Spaniard's landslide comeback win! – OA Sport


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Our LIVES IN IVO CLOSES HERE. Greetings to all OA Sports readers and enjoy the rest of the day!

RACHEL Nadal wins the celebration! 6-7 (3) 6-3 7-6 (4), IMMEDIATE ROMONTA AGAINST MEDVEDEV! Spaniard stays running, hopes for Russian in semifinal debate now reduced to light

6-4 TWO VOICE NADAL: Medvedev's sensational mistake! Wrongly upset to win, putting it wide after throwing the Spaniard off the field

5-4 Nadal, counter-attacking and taking the point. It's being treated now in the O2 Arena, because Medvedev is coming back to have two very important services

4-4, Nadal's short ball, Medvedev wrong

3-4 Medvedev, first uncontrolled central. Two services for Nadal

3-3 Another great first for Medvedev, spinning

3-2 Nadal, He's Going! Two more services for Medvedev

2-2, the line places Nadal on the ball

1-2 Medvedev, Nadal's answer is wrong

1-1, Medvedev's winning service

1-0 Nadal, Medvedev's wrong answer in the second

6-6 Tie-break! Still, he is practically saved by what he has and maybe even what Medvedev does not have

40-30 Medvedev's twentieth ace

30-30 Medvedev's first winning center

15-30 Medvedev's Ace

0-30 long straight to Medvedev

0-15 Reverse the Medvedev network

6-5 Nadal, the fifth consecutive game won by the Spaniards, and now Medvedev is still needed, but to stay in the match

40-15 I miss the straight Nadal's bulls

40-0 Great in front of Nadal

30-0 directly in front of Medvedev, who starts to get a little upset and out in public

15-0 Nadal's good point

5-5 YEARS OLD: CLAMOROS REPUBLIC OF SPAIN! Pierce Medvedev on the net, and after more than two and a half hours is over except this match!

30-40 PLEASE BEREK Nadal: Spaniards are wrong with forehand this time around

15-40 TWO BERAK BERAK Nadal: Medvedev's first and backhand

0-40 MORE WITH MORE NADAL: Back to being deep and full of Spanish straight, the psychology of the match has completely changed

0-30 Anchor with Nadal Straight! Something unpredictable happens a few minutes ago.

0-15 Still ahead of Medvedev, Nadal shoots straight, the Russian does not control

4-5 Medvedev, another Russian mistake that is now returning to serve (in other conditions, however) for the match

Medvedev's 40-15 bad answer on the net

30-15 Wrap the forehand with Medvedev


15-0 A bad mistake by Medvedev's reverse

3-5 Medvedev, BREAK NADAL: Medvedev's long-range volleyball, one of two disadvantages to Iberia

15-40 GET BENEFIT NADAL NADAL: what a recovery in spanish! And with the very low passer you get the chance to come back to life in the competition

Medvedev's 15-30 error, dumping O2 Arena side by side with Nadal

15-15 Medvedev's Ace No. 18

0-15 in pressure Nadal

2-5 Medvedev, The Russian will serve the sword of the pitch change

Advantage Nadal, great central receiver

40-40 Great way to preserve Nadal's point of the match, finding a Belodromol backend and then a short ball that makes Medvedev a caracol in trying to get it

30-40 MATCH MEDITERV: Nadal's excellent response from Russian, service and volleyball this time

30-30 Seeks Medvedev's real victory straight, he stays in the hallway

15-30 Nadal's Exterior Service, which still puts the back wide

15-15 Another Nadal mistake

15-0 Miss Medvedev straight at length

1-5 Medvedev, Still Easy Service for Russian, Nadal Serving to Stay in Match

40-0 Much better pushed by Medvedev, forcing Nadal to make mistakes with forehand

30-0 Can't find passer right Nadal

15-0 Medvedev's Ace No. 17

1-4 Medvedev, Nadal's ace who manages to avoid a third break in a row

Nadal's advantage, a brilliant response from Medvedev, who still misses the point

40-40, 3 parity: service and volunteers keeping Nadal alive

Medvedev's advantage, BALNA BRIAC: Nadal's last attempt at the front finds network lane and exits

40-40, 2nd Pairta: Nadal returns to the net

Nadal's advantage, Medvedev's error

40-40 Medvedev's bad mistake with forehand

30-40 WORLDWIDE MORE MEDVEDEV: Nadal's backhand again

30-30 straight from Nadal

30-15 Nadal Head Office. More than two hours into the game

15-15 Nadal's good outside first

0-15 Another Nadal error

0-4 Medvedev, with the cutoff confirmation is the double break of Russian advantage

40-30 Response to the shot that carries the ball from there to Nadal, giving him the happiest of today's points

40-15 A great first (on a repeat) from Medvedev

30-15 Medvedev's Ace No. 16

15-15 Don't give up on Nadal and set up a fantastic win straight away

15-0 Starts again with Medvedev's assist

0-3 BRICS MEDVEDEV: EXCELLENT RUSSIAN! A short ball too attractive to the Spaniards, Medvedev arrives and crosses the loop flying away

30-40 MUCH MORE MEDVEDEV: still on the net, still in close trade, and this is the side the Russian is trying to escape

Medvedev's reverse response to the tape

15-30 THAT EVALUATION OF MEDVEDEV! Russian player reaches the net, catches Nadal's short ball, then intercepts Iberian passer-by

15-15 Good on Nadal

0-15 long exchange, Medvedev pushes forehand, tries Nadal backhand but puts it on net

0-2 Medvedev, the second assist in the game for the Russian who manages to save his order

Medvedev's advantage, however, is Nadal's sensational mistake with a forehand after constant pressure, and these are situations that you are not used to talking about in Spanish.

40-40 I miss Nadal's recovery and may have regretted that on two occasions Medvedev did not have the courage to come out and shut down if not close to the net.

30-40 POWERFUL BERAK NADAL: Medvedev's double foul with second stripe striking second

30-30 Wrong with Medvedev's forehand

30-15 Medvedev's External and Direct Service


15-0 Medvedev's very quick point

0-1 BRICS MEDVEDEV: A huge mistake by Nadal that practically gives the Russian first advantage

30-40 Much like Medvedev: Nadal fails to close net, Russian arrives at ball and finds passer-by directly from winner

30-30 Medvedev's inaccurate venous error, which errs with the obverse in length

15-30 Wrong Nadal with a forehand after another long exchange, putting him on the net

15-15 THAT ANSWER! Nadal rejects landing on Medvedev's network, exploiting the inconsistency of his approach to try to cross it twice with a forehand, succeeding us on the second occasion

0-15 Medvedev starts again with a better leg

Back Medvedev, you can start again with Nadal until the battle

6-3 SETTING UP: Medvedev completes the set with another shot straight, firing and partly. The Russian goes to the bathroom, so he'll wait a bit.

Nadal advantage, SET POINT: Medvedev's double foul

40-40, 2 parity: Medvedev's debt

Advantage Medvedev, still a good first

40-40 You're still saving with Medvedev's service

30-40 SPECIAL VIEW Nadal: The Spaniard cannot find an exciting recovery to be a colleague of one of Federer's most famous points, above his head, but on the opposite side

15-40 TWO OVERLINE POINTS: Iberian offensive response, try in vain among Medvedev

15-30 Make a mistake with Nadal backhand, putting him on the net

0-30 Nadal's powerful backhand line, which reaches two points from the set

0-15 just below Medvedev's bar

5-3 Nadal, he's still wrong, putting Medvedev on the net

40-15 errors with an advantage Medvedev

30-15 Nadal's third assist

15-15 Medvedev calls Sokol the first outside of Nadal, and it's wrong

0-15 straight from Nadal

4-3 NadalMedvedev places the ace with the number 12

40-15 Wonderful points are also short: Medvedev's short ball, Nadal gets there and returns him as the winner

40-0 Medvedev's Ace No. 11

30-0 Can't find passer in recovery Nadal

15-0 A close relative of Medvedev's ace

4-2 Nadal, secondly, with which he also brings this change of duty home

40-30 Nadal goes upright

30-30 Excellent response by Medvedev, who then closes with the obverse to the intersection

30-15 Nadal's Fraud Service

15-15 Follow the path of the Nadal network and get the point

A 0-15 long exchange, Nadal eventually misses directly after 20 shots

3-2 Nadal, the first winner for Medvedev

40-30 Medvedev's Tenth Ass

30-30 errors when accessing Medvedev's network

30-15 Medvedev's Ninth Ace

15-15 Answer Totally Outside Nadal's Center with the Averse

0-15 Still a lot of pressure for Nadal

3-1 Nadal, holds Spanish with a bit of ease. Medvedev's fall at this stage of the match is clear

40-15 Outside Medvedev directly

30-15 directly into Medvedev's network

15-15 Misses Nadal's right back on Medvedev's deep answer

15-0 again with Nadal's serve and volleyball

2-1 Nadal, keeps Medvedev at zero, but now the Russian must recover pause on disadvantages

40-0 Directly sharpened by Medvedev

30-0 push with Medvedev forehand

15-0 Mid-length exchange, Nadal lifts forehand to net

2-0 Nadal, which confirms the advantage break with the first winner

40-30 A very tense exchange is won by Nadal, which makes Medvedev go back and forth and eventually forces him to make a mistake

30-30 again Medvedev's answer

15-30 Nadal's good outside first, but Medvedev doesn't have that much of a forehand

0-30 Try now to win the point with the straight Nadal, but put him in the hallway

0-15 THIS ANNOUNCEMENT! Medvedev wins, but must honor Nadal, surrenders just before unreal rights Russian

1-0 BERAK NADAL: very deep response from the Spaniard, Medvedev does not control forehand and this is the first time the two of them have lost the joke

15-40 TWO CLEAR BAAKA NADAL: Reversed at Intersection for Mallorcan

Medvedev's 15-30 eighth aces

0-30 straight into Medvedev's net, for the first time for him in this achievement situation

0-15 errors with reverse Medvedev, first point lost in game save tie break after 18 consecutive wins

Behind Nadal's dressing rooms, we start again

There is a break before the second set

3-7 SET MEDVEDEV: and with the first external The Russian deserves the first part!

3-6 THREE SIN MIDVEDEV: Bad hits right-hander Nadal, Russian has two services, but one could be enough

3-5 Medvedev, WITH THE WORLD RUSSIAN! Again again for him

3-4 Medvedev, Seventh Ass. Two services now for Nadal

3-3 Divide the answer to the second Nadal, the field of change

3-2 Nadal, the Spaniard takes the field and then closes with a straight, filling. Two services for Medvedev

2-2 Good before Nadal

1-2 Medvedev, sixth assist. Two services for Nadal

Nadal's timely response comes with a violent direct response

0-1 MEDVEDEV ALWAYS! Attack the forehand, restore, reset the exchange and close it directly with the attached minibus!

6-6 And it's a tie-break, with a fourth round of service (18 consecutive points won) in favor of Medvedev

Playing a short Nadal 40-0, Medvedev seized the opportunity to get a backhand

30-0 Medvedev's field opens very well to close with the front line straight


6-5 NadalMedvedev must now serve to make the tie-break

40-15 Medvedev's Long Answer

30-15 missed the short ball to get out of the backhand after Nadal's serve

30-0 straight into Medvedev's net

15-0 Nadal's first touchdown

5-5 He still holds Medvedev at zero, this is the third time in a row, this time with service and upright

40-0 Look for the deep answer with Nadal's backhand, but it's long

30-0 Medvedev's fifth assist

Nadal's 15-0 setback goes online

5-4 Nadal, who with the service sends Medvedev to serve in the set

40-15 Nadal moves Medvedev continuously, forcing him to sin with a forehand

MEDVEDEV's 15-15 fantastic revolt! In the front row, with no right to reply

30-0 Nadal's very low back-to-back volley brought a lot of good luck, and the Spaniard actually apologizes

15-0 service and straight to Nadal

4-4 It's a slight shift for Medvedev, however

40-0 Medvedev again vague

30-0 missed Nadal's answer straight away

15-0 Medvedev's fourth assist

4-3 Nadal, directly on Medvedev's network, and so the Spaniard can say he escaped in a complicated situation

Nadal's advantage, a short ball directly out of service

40-40 WONDERFUL WORLD PASS! Another endless exchange, then the Spaniard appears on Medvedev's net and passes it directly across the intersection. Played 35 strokes, longer interchange

30-40 BAD BRITISH Medvedev: Nadal's second double foul

30-30 Still a great first time out for Nadal, who doesn't need a volley despite being on the net

15-30 Nadal's First Aid

0-30 Badly headed for the real Nadal, this time Medvedev has the opportunity

0-15 Make a mistake by leaving the Nadal service

3-3 He easily holds Medvedev, who serves everyone, right after the previous cold

40-0 Wrong with a straight Nadal, who puts it on the net. The Spaniard has just introduced Medvedev's defense to another, powerful document

30-0 service and straight to Medvedev

15-0 For the first time in the match Medvedev won the first point of his service

3-2 Nadal, which still closes the network point

40-15 Nadal's re-service and volleyball, which is constantly using this scheme today

30-15 Loses control of forehand approaching Nadal's net, causing takeoff

30-0 Nadal's first winner

Nadal's 15-0 service and volley

2-2 Look for the passer-by in Nadal's recovery, but he stays out of line. You're saving Medvedev

Advantage Medvedev, third assistant to Russian

40-40 FINAL INTEGRITY BEDROOM! The Spaniard closes with a backhand, thirty strikes!

40-30 SPECTACULAR SIDE OF MEDVEDEV! Nadal is trying to bring him into the corner with his straight, Russian, who still carries the winner from the racket.

30-30 Medvedev manages to maneuver with a reversed score

15-30 WHAT THE NADAL EFFECT REQUIRES! Medvedev tries them all: high amounts of straight and cross-section, but the Spaniard feels the trajectory and stabs the Russian with a passer-by

15-15 Good before Medvedev

0-15 error in Medvedev's length

2-1 Nadal, Medvedev calls Spaniard on the net, but lobster remains short and is easy prey for his opponent holding the joke

40-15 Still Medvedev's mistake with a backhand, the Russian seems to have to adjust the viewfinder a bit at this early stage

30-15 Another Long Exchange, with Medvedev nailing Nadal to the right, but missing the rights to be the winner

15-15 OPEN! Nadal defeats him after a hard fight from the bottom, and this is his characteristic forehand, this time in counterbalance, which turns out to be crucial

0-15 Double Foul from Nadal

1-1 Medvedev's winning central service, with two aces remaining ahead

40-30 Medvedev's Ace

30-30 Medvedev's quick point

15-30 Medvedev stands behind backhand thinking he's out, no call, Nadal sets right from left with no opposition

15-15 Ace di Medvedev

0-15 The exit message from Medvedev service comes out

1-0 Nadal, service and high volumes on the back of Mallorcan

40-15 This time Medvedev is deep with the right of law then closes in a long line

40-0 Loses control of Medvedev's direct response

30-0 Nadal Outside Service and Simple Cut

15-0 Medvedev's wrong answer in Nadal's second

Let's go! At the Nadal service

15: 112 And then the two finally get ready to start sitting and then getting up again

15:08 The final stages of warm-up between the two players, soon the challenge between the king of the red earth and the ruler of the American summer begins!

15:03 Here's Rafael Nadal and Danil Medvedev, hailed by the great noise of the O2 Arena

3pm to enter the field of the two protagonists of the O2 Arena this afternoon

14:55 Nadal is in danger of being eliminated for the third time in his career at the ATP Finals (there could be a 2017 episode as well, but he's spoiled by his retirement after replacing Pablo Karen Busta in the first match). Instead, Medvedev is seeking his first victory in the final event of the year.

14:50 Hours ago, meanwhile, came the news of a regular customer withdrawing from the final in recent years, Czech Tomasz Berdych, who in the UK achieved the greatest satisfaction of his life, namely the 2010 Wimbledon Final.

14:45 The match is already decisive, the one between the two protagonists this afternoon: there is a chance he will stay seriously alive in the tournament, while today's loser will have to wait tonight to find out whether he will still work in the semifinals.

14:42 победи Рајер и Текау: Холанѓаните и Романците го прават тоа на Колумбијците за 6-3 5-7 (10-8), и затоа наскоро ќе биде моментот на Надал-Медведев, одмазда за финалето на САД Опен 2019 го освои Шпанците.

14:38 Добро попладне на сите, и добредојде на LИВО ВО ИВО на натпреварот помеѓу Рафаел Надал и Данил Медведев, втор за двајцата во групата Агаси. Има мало задоцнување поради двомечот Кабал / Фарах-Ројерр / Текау, кој сè уште е во тек и е во супер тај-брејк.

Надал-Зверев – Медведев-Циципас – Презентација на денот денес

Добро попладне на сите, и добредојде на IVEИВО ВО ИВО од вториот натпревар од групата Агаси на АТП финалето 2019 година меѓу Рафаел Надал и Данил Медведев.

За шпански и руски вкусот е оној на обврската за победа, за да не мора да се најдеме елиминирани или скоро, во зависност од напредокот на мечот меѓу Гркот Стефанос Циципас и германски Александар Зверев што ќе се игра вечерва. Иберијците, покрај мотивацијата да останат во трка на единствениот голем турнир што никогаш не победил, исто така, мора да го брани статусот на светскиот рекет број 1 на крајот на 2019 година, во паралелна трка со Новак okоковиќ што станува се повеќе и повеќе заплеткано.

Има само два преседани меѓу овие играчи, исто така, имајќи го предвид огромниот јаз во генерацијата, од десет години помеѓу едниот и другиот. Во финалето на Мастерсот 1000 на Монтреал Надал го совлада Медведев со 6-3 6-0, додека финалето на УС Опен беше многу понеизвесно, се бореше и неочекувано, со успехот на Ибериан за 7-5 6-3 5- 7 4-6 6-4. Оваа последна средба дефинитивно го разјасни целосното право на Медведев да биде број 4 во светот и да има предвид дека другите од новата генерација, како Циципас и Зверев (да избегнуваат Доминик Тием што е веќе неколку години подоцна), имаат.

Медведев се уште е во бегство да стане трет Русин кој стигна до финалето на турнирот меѓу најдобрите осум во годината во историјата: пред него успеаја Евгени Кафелников (кој загуби во финалето во Хановер, Германија, во 1997 година против Пит Сампрас) е Николај Давиденко (победник во 2009 година, во првото издание на Лондон, на штета на Хуан Мартин Дел Потро, но и поразен во последниот чин од 2008 година од okоковиќ), додека Надал е лов по трет пат во неделата во Лондон.

Натпреварот помеѓу Надал и Медведев ќе започне во 15 часот. Забавувајте се со OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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