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5 answers to the question why drinking hot water is so good for your health

Drinking plenty of water is important all year round, in summer as well as in winter. This is because drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and purified as well. But it is also true that compared to the summer season in autumn, and especially in winter, we tend to drink much less.

However, you need to be very careful to always drink enough water, even hot, so as not to encounter discomfort and problems even with a certain weight for the body. For example, in order not to risk the body, here are the 5 answers why drinking hot water is very good for your health. From risk of dehydration to intestinal problems and passing through abdominal swelling, constipation and hemorrhoids.

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Here are 5 answers to why drinking hot water is so good for your health

Dehydration: Drinking warm water in winter, even with herbal teas and infusions, maintains the lack of water in the body. For example, one of the effects of a dehydrated body is that the color of the urine is darker than usual.

Bowel problems: Poor water supply in the body leads the intestine to retain as much water as needed in the food you eat. And this then leads to stomach problems.

Abdominal bloating: Insufficient drinking of water in the body generates an electrolyte imbalance which, in the most serious cases, blocks or slows down digestion, with the consequence that the stomach swells.

Constipation: this is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. And this generally happens not only by drinking a little water. But even when the diet followed is low or in any case has little dietary fiber.

Hemorrhoids: they are a direct consequence of constipation. In this case, in addition to drinking water, the consumption of raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, and even legumes, possibly centrifuged or pureed, must be increased in the diet.

(We remind you to read carefully the warnings in this regard, which you can consult WHO “)

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