Saturday , September 18 2021

We have problems with the passengers

Captain El Al talks to the JFC control tower

Flight captain El Al from the JFK Airport in New York to Israel, who was diverted to Athens in order not to defile Shabbat,
asked air traffic control to allow him to fly as soon as possible, so that his passengers would cease to "make trouble", recording radio communications on the show at the airport.

The flight was delayed due to a snowstorm, which led to many cancellations of the flight.

The captain can be heard trying to explain to the flight controller that he still does not know if he can fly, and the situation seems to have caused great confusion, even inside the cockpit.

Flight violence El Al

Flight violence El Al

"We have problems with some passengers, we will get updates in 1-2 minutes," the captain told the flight controller. He asks to wait a few minutes on the runway to be able to check "if we can continue to fly or return to the gate".

The captain thanked the tower to allow him to wait near the runway and said: "We (we) will appreciate (we) go as soon as possible, otherwise the occupants will continue to make trouble."

A few minutes later, Jumbo 747 took off at Ben-Gurion Airport, but due to Shabbat, it was redirected to Athens.

A passenger on the flight wrote a post on Facebook detailing the aggressive behavior of some of the passengers.

"Six hours in the flight, I heard yelling and seeing a flight attendant crying after the passenger threatened her, threatened to enter the cockpit, all this in order not to break the Shabbat," wrote Ronnie Meital. "I found myself standing and protecting crying stewardesses … It seems that Shabbat's visit is bigger than" I love my neighbor like you. ""

Violence on flight El Al (Photo: Ronnie Meital)

Flight violence El Al (Photo by Ronnie Meital)

On Monday, "El" CEO, Goen Usishkin, formed an investigative investigation commission to investigate the incident. "In order to draw conclusions, and in particular to avoid repeating such events, I decided to set up an inquiry commission to investigate all the events that occurred during flight 002 and all testimonies and claims," ​​Usishkin wrote in a statement. "The committee will deliver its conclusions and recommendations as soon as possible, and then make decisions on this issue."

"We are in the midst of a polarized discourse and mutual exchange of allegations, which is contrary to our principles and values ​​as nationals of the state and as a national carrier, who has the flag of Israel on the tail of their aircraft," added the CEO.

On the flight, there were 70 ultra-orthodox passengers, some of them behaving in an unhurried manner before taking off the plane, demanding that it be allowed to land. "The flight team unsuccessfully tried to set them up and promised to arrive between an hour and a half and a half before Shabbat," Meital wrote.

"Nevertheless, the group of religious people continued their disobedient, unnatural behavior and the resistance was postponed as a result. After about an hour, they agreed to sit down and we flew," she continued.

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