Wednesday , August 4 2021

The coronavirus cabinet to meet in the face of a steady increase in cases

The coronavirus cabinet will meet on Sunday to discuss new measures to combat the spread of the virus.

The ministers will meet for the first time in two weeks and consider imposing quarantine on people arriving from the red countries, after authorities found that many did not comply with self-isolation directives.

Corona Patient Corona Department Medical Staff Doctors Protective Equipment at Shaare Zedek Hospital in JerusalemCorona Patient Corona Department Medical Staff Doctors Protective Equipment at Shaar Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem

Coronavirus Department at Shaare Cedek Medical Center in Jerusalem

(Photo: AP)

The health ministry said on Sunday that 986 new cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed on Saturday by 25,808 tests, indicating a positive rate of 3.9%. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,909 people have died from complications caused by the virus.

Out of 548 hospitalized persons for treatment of KOVID-19, 329 are in serious condition, of which 85 are fans.

Much of the increase in the case in the Arab sector is attributed to families returning from Turkey, which has become a favorite destination for many.

Among the things the cabinet will consider is the announced blockade, which will be scheduled in advance if daily cases are found to be approaching the 5,000-day mark for six weeks to allow businesses to prepare, as well as to motivate the population and local authorities, to take steps to avoid infection.

Police are closing the Sukot crownPolice are closing the Sukot crown

Tel Aviv police are conducting a blockade imposed in September

(Photo: Police spokesman )

A proposal to impose a blockade during the Hanukkah holiday, which begins this week, has been rejected by health officials, although a night curfew can be arranged. Citizens should be invited to celebrate the holiday only with a close family.

Ministers may also decide to extend local closures to communities with an increasing number of cases.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with health ministry officials and other experts Thursday to prepare for a coronation cabinet meeting, but did not invite representatives of his Blue and White coalition partners.

Relations in the coalition remain strained after last Wednesday’s vote to dissolve the Knesset, which passed its preliminary hearing with the support of Blue & White.

Defense Secretary and Blue and White Chief Benny Gantz held separate meetings to prepare for Sunday’s discussions.

Another issue the ministers will discuss will be the shopping mall pilot program, which was launched last month when 15 malls were allowed to reopen with open test sites to ensure no one infected with the virus enters.

The program angered those malls that were not involved in the pilot.

Ayalon MallAyalon Mall

Shoppers lined up to enter a store at Ramat Gan Mall, participating in a pilot program for safe reopening of malls

(Photo: Dana Kopel)

The Ministry of Health rejected proposals to allow all 240 Israeli malls to reopen, saying that if there was no resolution to satisfy business owners, it would decide to close the 15 malls participating in the program despite the apparent success of the pilot.

The growing morbidity in the Arab sector is also a concern and ministers will be asked to approve more implementation measures to be implemented.

Ayam Saif, who coordinates the coronavirus response in Arab communities, said on Thursday that greater efforts must be made to educate the community about the dangers of the virus.

“We see people who have been confirmed to have the virus as they walk,” he told Ynet in an interview. the increased burden of cases.

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