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TEES TEAM from DOV for Electro-Pop SAVE Debut

TEES TEAM from DOV for Electro-Pop SAVE Debut

"Save" is a cry for help, a call to WIN people! ": After a joint live performance, interdisciplinary artists from Brooklyn, friends and collaborators of Tesha and DOV gathered in the studio on the debut track DOV." Save "is now only available through the Complex, after Tesha" See So Good ", the first song from her upcoming EP. Stream + Share "Save" DOV (feat. Tesha)

Tesha and DOV wrote the song together and both identify themselves as clear queers. Their concept and identity, however, come not only from sexual orientation, says Tesha: "We live in an oppressed world encapsulated in the perception of our thoughts by our minds, our importance of leaving was in all aspects of life. allowing yourself to be free, to be different, to be individual and strange, that's the point.

DOV adds: "We wrote this song about this blind belief and" heroism "that people take, even to death, believing in an unsuccessful cause: an eighteen-year-old soldier heroically entering the room with a bomb trying to" save "his country … young a talented kid abandons the sexual identity of his body and mind only because he does not want to be thrown out of the house and hear the word 'pedal' at school. to run every day in our head, trying to match, be "normal" to be accepted. "

Known as TESHA ????, a thoughtful vocalist, author and songwriter, he creates experimental electroacoustic experiments based on empowering, ruminations and equality, focused on miracles and unknowns. Born in Israel and brought up on the piano in her mother's living room, she drew inspiration from Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and the classical era. After the loss of both parents during puberty – the early 1920s, her goal was ignited and soon devoted his life to music. A year later she moved to Brooklyn, collecting self-taught time and experimenting with synthesizers. Embracing the unknown, visual transcriptions provided from her dreams. A beautiful place in nature, in which form, austerity, sensitivity and unconditional love are free. Being here, she learned to overcome many obstacles to life. Going forward, returning with treasures from the dark recesses, sculpting the frame of your original debut EP, Growing Pain II.

"See So Good" stream from Growing Pain II EP from December 7th


  1. Funeral
  2. I can not sleep
  3. Miracle
  4. The shape of the window
  5. Look so good
  6. Soft and smooth, but not quiet

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