Wednesday , August 4 2021

Street photography from all over the Arab world

DUBAI: Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) in Dubai recently held the second edition of its “Arab Street” exhibition. Unlike the first edition in December 2017, whose collaborators were mostly established photographers, this time around the center they announced an open call for applications. The results, the center of its website says, ranged from “shocking to playful, and everything in between, using a variety of techniques.” The GPP also emphasizes that “street” photography is not limited to the real street, but “is possible wherever life takes place”. Street photography can refer to a historic moment, such as the first papal visit to the Middle East and everyday life, such as morning work or blurry selfies.

Here, we present some of the exhibited works of the exhibition, which lasted from September 18 to January 20 at the GPP on Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. The exhibition was divided into several categories, including “Conceptual”, “Light / Shadow”, “Double Take”, “Humor Me”, “Engage” and “Observe”. Contributors came from all over the region, including photographers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Sudan and Yemen.

“We work, eat and swim together”

Ibrahim Elmoli

Egyptian photographer Elmoli caught a young man swimming with the horses he also works with.

Buznika, Morocco, 2017

Khalil Lamrabet

The Moroccan photographer and aviation professional had this attractive image presented in the “Double Download” section of the exhibition.

Giza, Egypt, 2018

Light majali

Mayali – Jordanian photographer, film producer and film editor – describes himself as a “nomadic visual narrator”. This joyful picture is presented in the “Me Humor” section of the exhibition.

“Pope Francis, 2019”

Catherine Premforce

A freelance Dubai-born photographer captured this picture of the pope during a visit to the region last year.

“Where the lights fall”

Sreranj Sridhar

Indian documentary Sridhar has lived in Dubai for 28 years and has only been “seriously” practicing photography since 2011. This image was displayed in the “Light / Shadow” section of the exhibition.

Shevi Impala

Abdullah Althawab

Saudi Arabian photographer Althawab contributed to this shot of a classic Chevrolet on the streets of Saudi Arabia.

“Crossing 311”

Duncan Chard

The UAE-based British photographer captured Dubai’s alternative traffic at this peak of workers climbing (and descending) on ​​a pedestrian bridge via a busy road between International City and the Ras Al Cor industrial area.


Mohamed Medi

The young Egyptian photographer from Alexandria contributed to this atmospheric shock of children playing football on one of the rooftops of the city (completely with the feet of the spectators).

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