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Robert Downey Jr. wants to be Tony Stark in real life

It is easy to say that we live in a more meta-world, especially with the worlds of fiction and reality are more overlapping. Perhaps it is just a coincidence because of the more complex world that often requires situations and solutions we used to see only in fiction.

Anyone who writes fiction, however, will know that reality quickly catches the technologies that are seen in the Marvel Kinematics Universe. We all saw how Tony Stark played with artificial intelligence, something that is already developing daily in the real world.

Robert Downey Jr. is now using his fortune to use similar technologies to save the world's environment. Now let's think if Marvel's superheroes have created them Endgame an alternative reality in our reality.

Let's be grateful Downey uses his fortune for something useful

Robert Downey Jr
Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. | Rich Polk / Getty photos for Disney

With the net worth of Robert Downey Jr, reported for an incredible $ 300 million (one of the top five earners of today), it's a pleasant feeling to know that he will not sit on his money like Scrooge McDaque.

Even he was probably struggling to find out how he could use that money to the best advantage in helping others. After all, he was always known for being a generous soul, despite his troubled past.

With a constant obstacle, we all face fatalistic titles of civilization that are likely to end by 2050 and to warm the planet faster than thought, we need to turn to the wealthy people in the world to find financial answers or support.

We see that some of the billionaires in our world think to some extent (see Bill Gates), but we do not always see celebrities like Downey who are looking to offer solutions.

Downey connects her money with genuine technology experts

Everyone was a bit stunned when Downey appeared on Amazon's reorganization in Mars in Las Vegas on June 4 to say he finances the use of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to help solve our major environmental crisis.

If someone thinks that he does the whole thing alone, he said he simply came up with the idea recently when there was a dinner conversation with experts from the AI. It makes you wonder if dinner has crossed into the MCU universe and how surreal it has been discussed on this issue how to talk to Tony Stark.

Of course, we know that Stark was a show of a person when it comes to technology. As we saw in the films of the MUU, he dealt with AI for use in other ways. Some fans even think that he has created an AI version that can appear in a future movie to resist death.

Besides, we know that Stark also used technology to save the world from danger. What kind of real-world crossover we see here?

Nanotechnology will really help bring solutions

If you have not kept up with the developments in nanotechnology, it will help in everything from medical procedures to major problems, such as preventing the disintegration of the environment. Undoubtedly, many scientists who develop these technologies already had some plans to exploit them to slow down the decline of the Earth.

The only thing that prevents it is money, hence the usefulness of Downey with a lot of money available on his bank account.

Again, it seems that Downey has used little creativity in offering some uses of these technologies to help clean the plastic that ruins our oceans. His plan is one that takes place slowly over a decade, something that may not completely resolve the issue. However, even a small amount of redirecting damage will keep us from ruin.

On a larger sociological scale, the idea of ​​others who play cinematic superheroes may, perhaps, become a real thing.

Playing superheroes may strengthen the commitment to solving problems

Yes, this meta-world we live in can have many fantastic applications. One is also with other actors playing superheroes and taking Downey's lead.

Perhaps those other actors are not as rich as he is. However, you have to consider whether they all considered real superheroes at a certain capacity after assimilating their characters for up to a decade.

If you do not think this has happened to Chris Evans since playing Captain America for nine years, we can see some interesting results in the coming years.

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