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Refrigerator 'ocher' scene improvised by aoakin phoenix

Cinematographer Lawrence Farr recounts / Film about some of Phoenix's most impressive improvisations while shooting.

One of the more exciting moments in "Ookeroker" reveals that Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Flex copes with his violent origin in the eponymous villain by clearing the contents of his fridge so that it can fit into it. Arthur fits into the fridge and closes the door behind him as director Todd Phillips holds the shot for a few extra seconds to indicate that Arthur will remain in the cramped room for some time. The Phoenix fridge's move was an improvisation that none of the crew knew until the moment it was shot, filmmaker Lawrence Scher said in a new film / interview.

"While some scenes were very planned, such as when in the telephone or walking the stairs, others had no plan," Cher said. "When he got into the fridge, we had no idea he was going to do it. We placed two positions on the camera, and aoakin was just wondering what he would do if there was massive insomnia. Again, we lit it so it could go anywhere, and the first and only time we did it, we were thrilled. I remember thinking, 'What is he doing? Does he just crawl into the fridge? "It was fun and weird to watch it, too."

The fridge moment was hardly the only time Phoenix was used to create an "octoker" scene. Phillips has already revealed that the infamous bathroom scene, in which Arthur begins to dance while tackling his first acts of murder, was improvised on filming day. The original scene was to find Arthur talking to himself in the bathroom mirror in disbelief about his actions, but Phillips and Phoenix abolished it in favor of Arthur processing his violent act through dance. Cher said / The movie itself was improvised on the spot. The moment Arthur accidentally fired a gun at his mother's apartment was also improvised.

"Aoakin created the whole dance and, after the success of that scene, we started creating more moments like that," Cher said. "Like when he plays with a gun and shoots him in the id. All we knew was that he was going to light the gun at idle at some point, but we never planned when or we knew he would stop and talk to himself and start dancing. We just had two cameras in there and let it happen, which became a big part of how we did a lot of things. "

Phoenix's unreleased performance made him a top contender to offer him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars in 2020. The Joker, who earned over $ 740 million and counts worldwide, continues to play in theaters around the country. Go to the Web site / Movie to read the full interview of Cher.

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