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Postal lottery for British patients with heart failure – a review of Eurasia

The UK does not meet the recommended standards in the heart
failure, according to a new survey by the British
Conference on Cardiovascular Society in Manchester Today.

A survey conducted by Helena Masters, a nurse manager at Novartis, showed worryingly wide variations in the care that can be expected in someone with heart failure, depending on where they live in the UK.

This is despite the updated NICE guidelines for chronic heart failure, which provide recommendations on best practice for diagnosing and managing the condition.

The Guideline, published in September 2018, defined provisions for
diagnosing and managing chronic heart failure in people aged 18 and over
more. They are designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the heart
failure, and to extend the length and quality of life of people with

Cardiac failure is when the heart pumps blood around the body
as it should be. This most commonly occurs when the heart muscle is present
were damaged, such as after a heart attack. People with a heart
failure can find everyday tasks such as dressing or climbing
stairs are exhausting and it's important to get a high level
take care to manage their condition.

According to the survey, each service covered a population of about 600,000 people, containing an average of 1,600 people with heart failure.

Although the survey animates the best and worst-ranked locations, the differences across the country are clear. For example, in a quarter of the services, people with heart failure care only one or two nurses. Meanwhile, those who are best served have more than seven nurses.

Findings also show that almost a quarter (24%) of respondents
services do not have administrative support. This means that already
processed doctors and nurses need to spend more time to deal with
documentation instead of supporting patients.

Meanwhile, about one in seven of the services did not
consultant or chief physician with a specialty in heart failure,
highlighting another deficit between the recommendations and recommendations of NICE
clinical practice.

The effects of living with heart failure are not only physical. Past
studies have shown that there is a link between living with a heart
disease and mental well-being. The previous British Heart Foundation (BHF)
a survey of more than 2,700 people with cardiac conditions showed that 68%
were also affected by their condition mentally, emotionally or

Of those people, 77% said they had anxiety caused by their own
condition. Nevertheless, 67% of people said they did not speak
someone about the emotional or psychological impact it created. This is
made even greater concern over the fact that the research led Elena
Masters have shown that only 15% of heart failure services have a mental state
health workers working in their team.

Elena Masters, head of nursing in Novartis, who led the research, said:

"These findings show that there is a worrying lack of consistency in the services of heart failure that are provided across the UK.

"About one in seven surveyed services do not have one
a consultant or a lead doctor who specializes in heart failure,
highlighting the worrying deficit between NICE recommendations for recommendations
and clinical practice.

"With an ever-increasing number of patients with heart failure, it is
it is important that each area of ​​the country has the resources to improve and
the quality of life of people living with this feeble has expanded
condition. There are innovative and effective treatments for the heart
failure, therefore it is vital that patients are diagnosed early and have access
for specialist care. "

Professor Metin Akirani, an associate medical director at BHF, said:

"There are more than 900,000 people living with heart failure in
Great Britain. This is a long-term state that often deteriorates over time. How
as well as everyday challenges, people with heart failure are more
likely to suffer from a stroke and delay with heart failure there are very poor

"As more and more people can expect to survive a heart attack, there
a growing number of people at risk of developing heart failure
later in life. We need to have the right services in a physical way
and mentally support them.

"BHF is committed to ensuring that everyone lives with the heart
failure gets real support, no matter where they live. We are
currently finances about £ 49m for heart failure research
improving the prospects for people with this disastrous situation.

"While research will provide new solutions in the future, the services
throughout the UK you need to make sure that they are providing proper care like
guided by current evidence ".

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