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Police: Netanyahu, the former head of the prime minister's office and former navy general with bribery – Israel News


The Israeli police announced on Thursday that she had found enough evidence to accuse the lawyer and trustee of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, David Shimron, of facilitating bribery.

The police also recommended charging the former head of Netanyahu's office, David Sharan, former naval chief, Eliezer Marom, and two other former naval commanders of similar bribes in the so-called undersea case, also known as Case 3000.

The police say the evidence was insufficient to blame Netanyahu, Issac Molho's second lawyer.

The so-called submarine case revolves around alleged corruption around a $ 2 billion deal for the purchase of submarines and other warships from the German shipyard ThyssenKrupp.

>> Israeli police entrusts the care of Netanyahu's deepest and darkest secrets. Analysis

Michael Ganor, a former representative of the submarine manufacturer ThyssenKrupp in Israel, has demonstrated state evidence in this matter. Ganor served in the Bryg jacket. Gen. (res.) Avriel Bar-Yosef, which the police also recommend a charge.

After completing the investigation, these are the scope of police recommendations:

Issac Molho.
Tess Scheflan

David Shimron

The police said she found enough evidence to accuse Shimron of facilitating bribery, as well as the crimes of unfair receipt of goods in aggravating circumstances and money laundering.

Shimron, cousin and personal lawyer of Netanyahu, represented the German shipbuilder in Israel. Shimron is a partner of Issac Molho, the trustee of the Netanyahu family and the lawyer of the prime minister and his wife.

The police suspect that Shimron acted as a liaison with Ganor to promote an agreement between Israel and ThyssenKrupp, while "clearly using his status and attitude to the prime minister in dealing with the government and public officials," including legal advisers at the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Economy "and his partner at Isaac Molho, Molho was also an adviser to Netanyahu and a special emissary for diplomatic matters – against the obligation arising from the settlement of a conflict of interest applied to a law firm.

In exchange for his actions in favor of Ganor, Shimron received a "success fee" for a few strokes for a total of 270,000 shekels, the police said.

The police say that these payments were "in fact for" opening the door "and influencing public officials to promote Ganor's interests in the Navy acquisition."

Shimron is also suspected of acting to promote Ganor's interests in a separate case involving the investment of funds from the German-Israeli Foundation for Research and Development on the bank account of the Swiss bank.

The law firm Shimron, Molho, Persky also provided legal services to the Likud party of the prime minister and wife of Netanyahu, Sara.

Netanyahu himself was challenged for the first time in June, but was cleared as a suspect in the case.

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Avriel Bar-Yosef

The police said she found enough evidence to accuse Bar-Yosef of bribery, fraud, breach of trust and conspiracy to commit crimes.

Bar-Yosef, who was the deputy head of the NSC, in 2004-2009 was the director of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset. He served for 25 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, where his last military post was the head of the naval equipment department of Israel.

Bar-Yosef was appointed in 2016. By Netanyahu as his National Security adviser and head of the National Security Council, but the former announced that he would give up this job.

According to suspicions, Bar-Yosef offered Ganor to become a representative of German distribution, he acted for the seizure of sea-going vessels and demanded payment from Ganor.

Major General (ret.) Eliezer Marom

The police said she found enough evidence to accuse Marom of bribery, fraud, breach of trust and collusion in order to commit crimes, money laundering and tax crimes.

According to suspicions, Marom acted with Bar-Yosef to appoint Ganor as a representative of ThyssenKrupp, and dealt with purchase transactions while serving as commander of the Navy in Israel in 2007-2011.

The police also believe that after being released from the army, Marom received funds from Ganor in the amount of 120,000 euros.

David Sharan

The police said she found enough evidence to accuse Sharan, who was the head of Netanyahu's office in 2014-2016, of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy to commit crimes, money laundering and crimes in the Campaign Finance Act.

In 1999, Sharan was an advisor to Yuval Steinitz, who at that time was chairing the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset. When Steinitz was appointed finance minister in 2009, Sharan served as chief of staff.

In addition, the police recommended charging Brig. Gen (res.) Shai Brosh and former minister Eliezer Zandberg with bribery, fraud and trust violation, as well as conspiracy to commit crimes, money laundering and tax crimes in the Brosha case.

The suspects' answer

Shimron, responding to the police statement, said, "It's very simple – because I did not commit any crime, according to my assessment and my legal advisors, this case will not be indictable."

He said he had not read the police recommendations yet and added that saying that he was not "sorry" would be vain and arrogant, but I am one hundred percent sure of my innocence. "

Bar-Yosef's attorney, Jack Chen, said the police statement was "contaminated with the same bias that characterized the entire probe." We have no doubt that the serious and practical control of the facts performed by the National Prosecutor's Office will demonstrate the immaculate behavior of "Bar-Yosef.

Molho said he was sure the investigation would lead to nothing, and repeated his statement that he was not involved in the case.

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