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MK, protesters spit in Supreme Court – Israel News

MK, protesters spat at the Supreme Court

The Arabs have full representation in the Knesset, with MK as Ayman Odeh (Common List).
(photo credit: MARCH ISRAEL SELEM)

A joint roster of MKs and right-wing protesters engaged in a shout-out contest on the steps of the Supreme Court at Thursday's hearings on whether to discredit the List and the far-right party Ozma Shehudit.

When protesters called the ICC List "the hypocritical killers of the Jews", the IC List Ahmed Tibi made a mockery: "I am in charge here."

They responded: "Return to Syria."

Anti-assimilation activist Ben-Zion Gopstein has announced he will boycott the hearing against his party.

"The game is already over," Gopstein said. "I have no expectations from those who have allowed those who support the ID soldier's killers to run for and disqualify former Ozma MK Ben-Ari, who loves Israel from running. Therefore, I do not intend to participate in the show." .

Appeals against Osma and her candidates were filed by the "Blue and White" Labor, the Democratic Union and the Reform Movement.

Blue and White MK Karin Elharar told the judges that "there is a state of emergency in the fight for Israel's Jewish and democratic identity" and "no followers of [the late far Right Rabbi Meir] Kahane becomes a face of the state. "

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