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Management as part of the Supreme Protocol

More than 2,000 years have passed since the Holy Spirit came clearly to deal with governmental matters through the Church born on Pentecost, for the benefit of the nations of the world. Unfortunately, the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit as the governor of God on earth are still largely misunderstood. However, from the time of the Old Testament, the Spirit of God worked through the anointing in the teaching of government and civilian rule, giving wisdom and strength to leaders, providing intellectual ability and higher knowledge to manage nations and teaching how to rule the release of prosperity and peace for nations. Specifically, the Spirit of the Lord is not meant to do religion, but to fulfill divine government protocols on earth.

The protocol is a code of good behavior, specifying strict observance, formulated and signed by government emissaries as the basis of the final convention or treaty. We know what the government is worth because of the quality of its ambassadors and how it maintains and results in the conditions of the conventions ratified by it. To represent the kingdom of God on earth, we must submit to the conventions of the king, that is, the teachings and instructions given by the anointing of the Spirit of God to execute the protocols of the Kingdom.

It is only when we have fulfilled God's will and purpose, as enshrined in the treaty of the kingdom, that God's government on earth will manifest. Salvation is the restoration of heavenly conventions on earth. Jesus carries God's government protocols on his shoulder and has manifested them on earth. But Jesus could not begin a government mission without the guidance and strengthening of the Holy Spirit. So wisdom, understanding, knowledge, the fear of the Lord, counsel, power and power are functional manifestations of the heavenly protocols introduced by the Spirit of God to serve the highest purpose of governmental affairs on earth.

Anointed to become a government stone for nations

In Genesis 49, Jacob blessed his twelve sons before he departed. The offspring of each of Jacob's sons became the twelve tribes of Israel. In Repetition 33, Moses gave a blessing to the tribes of Israel. Blessing is always associated with proper responsibility. Through the blessing, each tribe received an anointing to fulfill a specific government goal for the nation of Israel. As government stones, twelve generations of Israel received a government for Israel as a plan. Every government stone is called to manifest on earth. Reuben represents the firstborn who talk about energy and creation to manage the world. Simeon speaks to control of anger and cruel anger not to smoke the world with a weapon of violence. Levi is a call to dedicate life to the service of a higher calling and purpose in life. Judah is the mandate for leadership and royal position. The Dan tribe is a signpost of law and order, judgment and objective justice ruling the nation. Neftali speaks of independence as an indispensable element of national development. Gad is a prototype of a warrior struggling to defend and protect our freedoms and values. Asher is a symbol of governance to release prosperity and abundance to guarantee happiness and survival. Issachar is a scholar who provides wisdom and a clear direction for the nation. Zebulun is a businessman, a financial guru who controls the market. Joseph overcomes all adversities to become a great leader. Joseph never loses his integrity despite the corrupt environment. Ephraim is the power to transform difficulties into divine possibilities or to be fruitful in the land of affliction. Menashe is the ability not to submit to the forces of enemy restrictions. Benjamin is the passion of seeking God's energy.

Jesus chose 12 disciples to be witnesses of the authority and authority entrusted to him in order to repeat the same government mandate in the world. In Matthew 28:18 Jesus said to his disciples, "all authority has been given to me in Heaven and on earth, in the way my Father sent me, I am sending you." The selection of twelve stones represents perfect, governmental authority, authority, authority, or authority. governmental authority of God.

Both the ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist flow in the anointing of Elijah. Remarkably, a huge crowd tried to break into the coming kingdom or God's government when they heard John the Baptist call the nation to be ready for the government of God. And everyone in Israel was thinking about the proper action to be taken to enter the Kingdom of God. Clearly, John told them to rise to government duties by dressing up naked and feeding the poor: "If you have extra clothes or food, give it to someone who does not do it, fool no one, be happy with your earnings." The government of God came to the nation when people wear royal robes instead of rags, citizens are healthy and do not starve, economic security is provided by well-paid jobs, and wages are fair. Death has no place in this nation.

When Jesus began his public life, his ministry flowed into the anointing of Elijah through the restored deceased, starving crowds receiving bread and fish along with surplus supply, joy secured during the wedding in Canaan, the sick, the blind, lepers and lame restored, the poor are taken care of and the freedom given to prisoners. The ministry of Jesus was an indication that when God's reign or government reaches the nation, it produces justice. God's government is a government of justice that shifts poverty, illnesses, dishonest wages and death. So, when the anointed leader takes over the country, righteousness is in the walls of such a nation. There is no room for disease, death, hunger, disease, economic policy that produces domestic slaves, as well as economic prisoners and a group of marginalized mobs. The choice of 12 students was simply an indication that their vocation was to be a manifestation of excellent government governmental protocols for the entire spheres of the nation. The Holy Spirit is the governor who works to bring these justice protocols on earth.

It is never enough to emphasize that the Spirit, through the anointing, is given to people who are ready to rule and act as ministers of the government to manifest heavenly protocols on earth. Whenever God gives us his Spirit, it is always because of the needs of others and for nations to cling to the protocols of heaven. The spirit is never given for our self-rewarding or personal reward. King David was anointed to rule the nation. The anointing allows him to act and fulfill his mandate. Anointing means the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit who grants divine authority to perform the governmental functions of a designated office. Let us make a brief analysis of how God's Spirit is involved in governing throughout history.

Mojżesz was anointed as a statesman in the office of a judge, legislator, wise, efficient political leader, liberator, creator of the nation and military strategist. The anointing of Moses moves nations from economic and political captivity to freedom and prosperity by building a nation. Joshua, the successor of Moses, flows in the anointing of his mentor. Deuteronomy 34: 9 testifies to Joshua as a leader who was "full of the spirit of wisdom, because Moses laid his hands on him, so did the Israelites obey him." Deuteronomy 31: 7-9 Moses calls on Joshua to be his successor before all Israel tells him, "Be strong and full of courage, for you will go with this people to the ground … The Lord is before you, He will be with you. He will not let you down or leave you, do not be afraid or afraid. " Joshua's anointing is the anointing of leadership for courage and strength in struggle to lead the nation to victory and internal security. The anointing of Samson flows in the dimension of who overcomes and defeats the enemy thanks to supernatural power. Gideon in Judges 6 is anointed to overcome the curse of poverty and free the nation from hunger and slavery to economic oppression. In Judges 4, we find Deborah sitting as the national judge. The anointing of Debora is a combination of a military strategist, judge, prophetess and advocate for Israel. The anointing of Esther makes it possible to stand in the position of influence and courage on behalf of the nation.

In the book of Isaiah 45, King Cyrus is God's anointed servant for a purpose. What role can you expect from the Cyrus government? "I bring Cyrus to fulfill his righteous goal, and I will lead his actions, he will restore my city and free my enslaved people." The Spirit of God fulfills a threefold mandate through Cyrus. First, to accomplish the mission of restoring the city of God to old prosperity and peace. The anointing restores prosperity. Cyrus is called to manage treasures and riches hidden in the dark, for the benefit of the people of God. Secondly, the anointing consists in freeing people from captivity. The anointing eliminates terror and threats and puts an end to economic and political oppression. Thirdly, Cyrus has a mandate to rebuild the house of God. People live in the house and find shelter. The rebuilding of the house of God speaks of the protocols of righteousness, which are reflected in the complex architecture of the physical building from the foundation to the roof. The reconstruction of the nation speaks of the restoration of fair living standards to those who call the nation their home. People must live in cities run by justice, truth, fair and honest economic and judicial systems to prosper in all aspects of their lives.

Cyrus is a type of Christ. In Isaiah 9: 4, the anointing of Christ is crushed first, the yoke of economic and political slavery. Second, the anointing brings freedom by lifting heavy burden from the arms of God's people. Third, the anointing put an end to violence, oppressive power and power. The government of Christ is based on justice and justice. In this way, people rejoice because they have been restored to their former glory and prosperity.

The anointing of Elijah moves in the realm of supernatural power and the miracle of God by raising the dead. The spirit of Elijah flows to restore national prosperity and economic security when hunger, drought and hunger are a threat to the nation. The anointing of Elijah challenges the leaders of the nations to stand against the forces of destruction and death, building 12 governmental stones that are the foundations of the nation. Indeed, a nation besieged by hunger, poverty, hunger and disease will certainly be riding the death highway.

A six-fold government letter of authentication on the anointing

In Revelation 5: 6, the seven spirits of God are sent to the whole earth to fulfill the divine mandate. Divine government mandate comes through protocols. There are various functional manifestations of the Spirit of God available to take government work for the nation. They teach us and teach us about the protocols relating to the kingdom of the throne of God in heaven, which must manifest itself on earth. Ultimately, empowering people to protocols of wisdom, power, knowledge, advice and bills to establish the government of God or his kingdom on earth. They represent our credentials that lead us to the court of the King as the equipped, mature, empowered and empowered sons of God because they bear the hallmark of the Spirit. Does he have enough power, wisdom, knowledge to testify that he is an emissary of the government? Without the Holy Spirit who gives testimony and testifies our testimonies, we have no authority or power to release or reveal the Kingdom of God on earth. The Spirit of the Lord empowers us to position, authority, authority and rule to bring the divine government out of heaven and secure it on earth.

The prophet Isaiah gives a description of the momentum that will emerge from the trunk of the ruling Jesse family. This sprout from the ruling family is Jesus, and the Spirit of the Lord dwells in Him and approves Him by a six-fold authentication letter. The anointing function described in Isaiah 11: 1-5 fulfills the government mandate. There are six functional manifestations of the Spirit that are found in Jesus. "From the stump of David's family a sphere will arise – yes, a new branch taking away the fruit from the old root, and the Spirit of the Lord will rest on it – Spirit of wisdom and understanding, Spirit of counsel and power, Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord."

1) The spirit of knowledge
In the Book of Daniel, we find four young exiled Hebrew boys who have risen to the position of a leader in the Persian kingdom. To become official representatives of the Persian empire, these boys must meet the government's required credentials that will be presented and accepted by the king. Among these requirements, knowledge and understanding are needed to represent the Persian empire. However, the Spirit of God gave them an extraordinary ability to understand every aspect of literature and human wisdom to serve the highest plan far beyond Persian political ambitions. In Daniel 1: 20 it is said that "whenever the king consulted them in any matter requiring wisdom and balanced judgment, he found them ten times more capable than any of the magicians and sorcerers in the whole kingdom." By the way, magic, occult knowledge or astrology simply touch satanic knowledge to deal with human affairs.

Among these young boys, God gave Daniel a unique ability and filled him with divine knowledge and understanding. He was full of insight, talented in interpreting dreams, translating riddles and solving difficult problems. Accordingly, Daniel entered the royal service to act as a leader on behalf of the Persian king. The spirit of perfection sets the function of a leader position to serve the nation. The spirit of knowledge is the highest form of knowledge that works beyond human capabilities. Human or intellectual knowledge is bodily knowledge and as such is the lowest form of knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is the highest dimension of knowledge and understanding. In 2 Kings 6:17, the prophet Elisha prayed to God that he would open his servant's eyes to gain knowledge beyond the physical world, to see that the hill around them was full of horses and chariots of fire ready to fight for them.

John 1: 48 presents us with this level of knowledge in the spirit. When Natanael came to meet Jesus, Jesus did not waste time revealing the true identity of who Nathanael was. Puzzled, Nathanael asked Jesus: "how do you know me?" Jesus gave evidence that he was able to see in the spirit before the physical senses would show the tangible manifestation of the event. Jesus showed him that the Spirit of knowledge rests upon him: "Before Philip called you when you were under a fig tree, I saw you." Only the Spirit of God can see what people can not see thanks to their intellectual knowledge and academic references. We need a measure of unlimited divine vision to know beyond our human limitations and understanding to rule nations.

2) The spirit of wisdom
Wisdom is manifested through various forms, circumstances and expressions. Wisdom is "know-how" or the power to choose the best and highest goal. It's the ability to come up with the perfect ends to achieve the perfect means. Therefore, wisdom does not work without knowing all the facts relevant to any plan or goal. Wisdom must be based on skill in formulating the plan and effectiveness to bring it to fulfillment. Wisdom can be found in vocation professions, in business, politics, etc. … Bezalel in Exodus 31: 1-5 is one of the prototypes of wisdom in art serving his people. "I chose Besalel, son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, I filled him with the Spirit of God, gifting him with great wisdom, skills and experience in all kinds of crafts, he is a master craftsman, expert in working with gold, silver and bronze. engraving and assembling precious stones and sculpting wood. "

In Genesis 39, we find Joseph dealing with governmental matters because of God's Spirit in him. At Potipara's home, Joseph serves as an administrative function to bring success and grow in his master's business. In the house of Pharaoh, the Spirit of wisdom put Joseph at the head of the royal court to take the place of leadership for the nation. The anointing of Joseph transfers national economic deprivation to abundance and prosperity. The most important thing is that King Solomon is the first demonstration of the Spirit of wisdom revealed on earth to the extent that he was considered the wisest man ever to live on earth. Because of Solomon's wisdom, Israel as a nation becomes prosperous, safe and governed by justice. The spirit of wisdom allows us to judge, bring justice to the nation and restore God's order and power on earth. In Luke 1: 17, Jesus is said to say, "He will walk before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to change the hearts of fathers into their children, and disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous." People are ready to enter the divine government when they submit to divine power by restoring law and order in the nation through human authority. We agree to be guided by God when we are under the leadership, and our obedience to God produces wisdom.

3) Spirit of the Lord's fear

Fear of the Lord has nothing to do with emotional movements and trembling before the Lord. It has to do with the overwhelming sense of admiration and admiration, inspiring the presence of God's majesty, dominion and power. In the presence of God, we are withdrawn because of the presence of the Spirit of the fear of the Lord revealed around the throne of God. The fear of the Lord teaches us how to be obedient and relate to God's presence, holiness, intimacy, honor, honor and righteousness. The fear of the Lord consists in restoring the divine order, responsibility, honor and divine worship on earth. Obedience is a direct line between the ambassador and his government. The ambassador has no personal opinion, but he says and says only what his government says. That is why Jesus is said to have a taste for fulfilling the will of God who sent him. Because of the fear of the Lord, we become responsible to who God is around us and in our daily interaction with people. The fear of the Lord brings honor to the Name of God. Job 28:28 so elegantly puts it: "Behold the fear of the Lord, this is wisdom, and going away from evil means understanding." Walking in the Spirit is correlated with obedience to God, rightly so, because we do not give in to the rules of the lust for the flesh, but rather we are governed by holy obedience to avoiding sin. Without fear of the Lord, we act without divine order and we fall into stupidity. Wisdom is based on the fear of the Lord. Psalm 111: 10, therefore, suggests that "fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom, all who obey His commandments will grow in wisdom." Obedience to God's laws results from the fear of the Lord to make us God's people. "How joyful are those who fear the Lord and rejoice in obedience to His commandments, their children will be successful everywhere, and a whole generation of pious people will be blessed, they will be rich themselves and their good deeds will last forever." – Psalm 112: 1 )

4) The spirit of understanding

The spirit of understanding allows us to decipher visions and revelations and to perceive and rule in the kingdom of the Kingdom. In Ephesians 1: 18, Paul intercedes for believers to get a spiritual understanding. Paul is concerned about believers who go further into the spiritual dimension of knowledge and understanding. That is why he prays for the gift of the Spirit of understanding that the eyes of our understanding will open. Our understanding has spiritual eyes. Revelation 3:18 recommends an eye balm to anoint our eyes to see. Knowledge alone is not enough, we need understanding to maintain and maintain what we achieve. Indeed, in Proverbs 3:19 it was emphasized that "the Lord formed the earth through wisdom and established the heavens through understanding." Without understanding what we achieve, she sits on a sinking earth. Divine understanding gives us the opportunity to see beyond the temporary act of creativity and fulfillment in order to fit it to a higher purpose.

5) The spirit of the council
Counsel refers to the concept of control so as not to deviate from the course. The adviser's spirit teaches us how we should take heaven to solve problems and overthrow divine instructions on earth. It helps us stay on the right path. In this connection, the council is dealing here with a supernatural knowledge of God's will, personal instructions, warnings, directions or choices to take in a given situation. As we read in Isaiah 44:26, "I am the Lord who confirms the words of her servant and fulfills the counsel of her messengers." The task of the Spirit of the council is to advise, lead and help us. King David in 2 Samuel 7 had plans to build a temple for the Lord. However, God sent Nathan the prophet to lead him away from such planning. In God's plans, the son of David, Solomon, will be the one who will build the house of God. Divine ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Similarly, in Romans 1: 10, we see how Paul planned a trip to Rome many times, but the Spirit stopped him. The adviser's spirit hindered Paul from leaving Rome at that time. In Acts 16: 67, the Holy Spirit stopped Paul from preaching the gospel in Asia. In the Macedonian vision, Paul received instructions to quickly transfer the Word from Asia to Europe.

6) A spirit of power and power

The term "geburah" in Hebrew refers to power, strength, strength, mastery, strength. The spirit of power strengthens us in the position of dominion so that we do not give up in difficult circumstances and remain immovable. The spirit of power helps us to reveal God's power and power on earth. You can not wage war in spirit without being equipped by the Spirit with power and power. The spirit of power and power allows us to take our place as the ruler and government of God's servants on earth. In Judges 13:25 we see Samson, who manifests supernatural power and power over human power by anointing the Spirit of power on him. Acts 10: 38 clearly correlate the power that works throughout Jesus' ministry with the residing Spirit. Jesus was able to do miracles and resurrect the dead because of the Holy Spirit in him. "And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, then Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil because God was with him."

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