Monday , June 21 2021

Kamerman's AP shot dead during protests in Gaza

Gaza, GIS, Gaza – Witnesses and medical officials say the Associated Press photographer was killed and wounded while covering the demonstration in the Gaza Strip.

Rashed Rashid, 47, was hit in the leg on Monday during a weeklong protest to the Israeli border. The doctors said he suffered more fractures of bones over his ankle and would need surgery.

Eyewitnesses said he was about 600 feet (1,969 feet) from the fence, far from the protesters. He worked with a live camera in an elevated area overlooking the protest and wearing a blue helmet and a brown vest with the word "PRESS" written in white.

Collaborators said the blaze came from the Israeli side of the border. The Israeli army said it was investigating the incident.

Rashid worked for the AP since 2002.

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