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Is the "WhatsApp" application online?

The popular Instant Messaging service, WhatsApp, allows you to send messages over the Internet. With the latest update, messages sent from WhatsApp when there is no Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection remain in the application until they have an active internet connection and then sent to the user.

However, according to information; It is possible to use WhatsApp. You need to make a set of settings to use WhatsApp. However, the Internet only works on Android devices.

Here's what you need to do step by step for WhatsApp …

1- From your Android device, go to Settings> Connectivity> Mobile Networks.

2- In the Cellular networks section, click Access Point Names.

3- Click "Add" in the upper right corner of the Received Dots screen

4- Fill in the popup screen according to the following information

Name: WhatsApp APN: Internet proxy: Port: 8080

5- After performing these operations, save the profile and select WhatsApp from the access point name section.

Once you do this, the phone remains on the 4G connection, but the GSM company does not reflect your Internet consumption for you.

When you return to normal settings, your Internet use in this process reflects on you at once.

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