Thursday , April 22 2021

Epic Games without many exclusive deals – assuming that Steam fits

The fight between the Epic Games Store and Steam is far from over. Or is it? If Steam offers good conditions, EP will do less exclusive deals.

Currently, an epic gaming store, despite its manageable number of games, Steam competition. That's because EP offers a lot better gameplay for gaming manufacturers, and big games like Borderlands 3 then make exclusive deals with the Epic Games store. If only temporarily.

These games will be released in 2019 exclusively in the epic games store.

Now, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, announced on Twitter that under certain conditions they will offer significantly fewer titles exclusively. Of course, of course Steam game,

"If Steam tries to generate a solid revenue of 88% for all developers and publishers without any significant obligations, Epic would quickly like to withdraw the exclusive titles (while continuing to respect our affiliate engagements) and considering taking our own games the Steam is done. "

With this statement, Sweeney acknowledges that in the interest of developers and publishers Epic Games would even give up some contracts, if equally good conditions are paid to Steam,

on a small hole Of course, the head of the epic games opens by writing that he will continue to work with partners. What these obligations look like is completely unclear. Theoretically it can cover everything from an oral contract to solid contracts.

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