Monday , March 8 2021

‘Bye, Karen!’ Viral video shows airline passengers cheering as anti-mask begins flight

Airline passengers who refuse to wear face masks on flights these days receive little sympathy from their fellow passengers.

Take the anti-mascara that accompanied the Frontier Airlines flight on Thursday as the other passengers started applauding.

On Thursday, “Fox and Friendswriter Griffin Frank took to Twitter to share two short videos sent to him by a friend. “The passenger started the @FlyFrontier flight to Tampa because he refused to wear a mask,” Frank wrote on Twitter. “Rules are rules.”

“You have to abide by it,” the flight attendant told the unmasked passenger in the first clip. “You agreed to this when you checked in and bought your ticket, so I need to get off the plane at this point.”

In the second clip, a security guard takes the woman’s luggage from above the trash can and leads her off the plane, to slapping and screaming. “Bye, Karen!” Some passengers shouted.

Most major US airlines require face masks for mid-June flights. Today, virtually every commercial airline will remove a passenger who refuses to abide by their face mask policy. Several airlines, notably Delta Air Lines, have even banned those who refuse to wear face masks.

The border informs the passengers about the mandate of the mask on its website, as well as during the reservation and check-in procedures. “We require passengers and staff to wear a face over their nose and mouth during the experience of traveling across the border, including at ticket counters, gate points, baggage claim and all flights,” reads the page dedicated to you. On the carrier’s website. “The only exception is for children under 2 years old.”

Incidents like the one with the “Border” passenger happen quite regularly and always seem to end in the same way, with the non-compliant passenger being flown by plane. However, these disorders can be annoying for other travelers who have places to stay.

One week ago, a Delta Air Lines flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco was delayed 45 minutes after a man first refused to wear a face mask and then refused to leave the plane. The other passengers were temporarily evacuated from the aircraft, while the police were dealing with the offender. The man was later arrested, reported Salt Lake Tribune.

In another instance, in July, passengers clapped until an unmasked woman packed her things and got off an American Airlines flight. In the video, the woman looks back defiantly and says: “You can clap whatever you want.”

“Just go,” replied another passenger. “We have flights to get.”


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