Sunday , October 24 2021

Activists are protesting against the scandal of submarines with a structure against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv


On Saturday, activists in Tel Aviv set up a submarine-like construction to protest against the alleged connection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the growing scandal that in Israel was called the "underwater matter".

Protesters from the opposition party of the Zionist Union set up the structure at Habima Square in the center of Tel Aviv with the inscription "from Bibi [Netanyahu]the country is sinking. "

Passers-by have received a "reminder of a serious corruption case in which the defendants are key people in Netanyahu", the Zionist Union activists said in a statement quoted by the media in Hebrew.

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On Thursday, the police said he had sufficient evidence to accuse the trusted lawyer of Netanyahu and his cousin David Shimron of bribery and money laundering for his role in what is considered one of the largest transplant programs in the country's history, including billions of dollars to buy German submarines.

Shimron represented the German producer ThyssenKrupp in sales and was suspected of trading his influence on the prime minister in exchange for a massive price cut.

While Netanyahu was interrogated as a witness, he is not suspected in this case.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the right, and his personal lawyer, David Shimron, are gone. (Flash90)

Besides Shimron, the police said on Thursday that former Netanyahu chief of office, David Sharan, is also suspected of bribery, as did former naval chief Eliezer Marom. IDF Brig. Gen (res.) Shay Brosh, former deputy head of the National Security Council, Brig. Gen (res.) Avriel Bar-Yosef, former minister Eliezer Sandberg, was named suspects of similar crimes.

The police said that there is not enough evidence against Netanyahu's lawyer and Shimron, a long-time associate partner, Icchak Molcho, who was also involved in this case.

The police announcement came after the end of a long-standing investigation into the purchase by Israel of submarines manufactured by the German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp.

The key figure in this case is Miki Ganor, a ThyssenKrupp representative from Israel at the time the contract was signed, which agreed to exchange the state witness in mid-2017. Ganor is to have a 12-month prison sentence and a fine of 10 million shekels ($ 2.7 million) for tax crimes under the contract with the state, the police said.

(L-R) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's personal attorney, David Shimron, his former diplomatic envoy Icchak Molcho, his former head of office David Sharan, former deputy security adviser Avriel Bar-Yosef and former commander of the Israeli navy Eliezer Marom (Flash90)

Police arrangements have been forwarded to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, who will decide whether or not suspects should be prosecuted. At a legal conference in Haifa on Thursday, Mandelblit refused to give time, but he called the case "serious" and said that the evidence would be thoroughly investigated.

Opposition authorities immediately demanded resignation from Netanyahu in the light of the police's findings.

In the film posted on the Internet, the head of the Zionist union, Avi Gabbay, said the suspicions against Netanyahu's trustees were "betrayal" and that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent unnecessarily on the purchase of warships should instead be spent on modernizing the aging IDF equipment.

"We could have bought armored personnel carriers that would replace aging vehicles, of which four of our soldiers entered Gaza four years ago," he said. "If the prime minister knew about it [their] commitment, must give up. If he did not know, he must give up because he is not suitable for our defense.

The leader of Yes Atid, Yair Lapid, also said that Netanyahu was not able to lead the country in the light of the case, even if he did not know it.

"Netanyahu owes the public an explanation," wrote Lapid. "What else does he not know, how is it possible that those who came closest to him supposedly took tens of millions of dollars under the table for such delicate offers of weapons? [the prime minister] was supposed to serve personally? "

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya & # 39; alon, who accused the prime minister of involvement in the bribery program, said after the police had issued their recommendations: "Netanyahu did not know how it was possible." He stated that the police, not considering Netanyahu the suspect despite the involvement of a trusted attorney David Shimron, asked serious questions about the investigation.

Liany's ruling party in Netanyahu attacked Gabbay and Lapida, saying in a statement that "attempts by the left to pin down the underwater issue" Prime Minister Netanyahu broke down in the face of reality.

"We extend our condolences to Lapid and Gabbay, who once again saw that their hopes broke the replacement of Prime Minister Netanyahu with false accusations," the party said.

Although Netanyahu himself is not a suspect in a submarine case, the police have advised him of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in separate corruption cases.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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