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Why would Van der Sar quit Ajax for Man Utd right now?

So international weekend so sure got plenty of time to send us an email to theeditor@football365.com…

Van der Sar would be off his Ed
It seems like Ed Woodward has finally reached the same conclusion the rest of us came to months ago: Edwin van der Sar is the obvious candidate for Man Utd's director of football.

Of course he is. VDS has United pedigree which for some reason seems to be Woodward's most essential criteria, but unlike Rio, Evra and Darren Fletcher, he also has experience in the boardroom. He's done a fantastic job with Ajax after being promoted to CEO – maybe Woodward has steered clear of his fear of being replaced.

Anyway, well done, Ed. You said there eventually. But why would Van der Sar go anywhere near the job right now?

He's good at Ajax and pretty much in the middle of a project (sorry for using the P word). Ajax have kept much of their team together with the exception of De Ligt and De Jong, who the club knew were leaving last summer. They have a massive reserve in the bank because of their sales and a fantastic opportunity to build on the good work Van der Sar and Marc Overmars have already done.

Why trade all that in the basket case at Old Trafford? Ok, revamping United might hold some appeal if VDS wasn't already partway through a similar job with another of his former teams, but working conditions back at United under Woodward and the Glazers are far more unforgiving than where he's already thriving.

Van der Sar may well end up back at Old Trafford someday. But for now, better off staying where he is and seeing the job through at Ajax.

Why stop for internationals?
How about not stopping the domestic season for internationals?

It would level the domestic playing field a little and stop me being so bored that I write emails like this.
Aidan, Lfc (actually having a lovely day)

Scrap the January window?
So here is a topic that might cause a discussion or several, should we abolish the January window entirely?

It looks as though the Premier League will fall back in line with the rest of Europe and have their window shut at the end of August, which as much as I understand why, it's a shame as it's nice to see all settled teams ready for the new season, not worrying about if a player is going to move on to a rival before the end of the month, imagine the links to Pukki after his fantastic start in August, you just know there will be gossip and he may even have left depending on the offer.

So what do fellow mailboxers think? Should we scrap the January window and if not, why not?
Mikey, CFC (Have any January signings been a roaring success? Luis Suarez and Nemanja Vidic are good shouts)

All abuse needs to stop
I don't expect this to get published because it's just "on message" in the current environment, but the whole approach to tacking racism just seems wrong.

Firstly, yes, it is a problem, Secondly, yes, it is incredibly offensive.

To tackle it though, we need to look at it in the bigger picture. John Barnes is held up as a poster boy for efforts to tackle racism, and not without merit. However, he says "We have to get it out of society before we can get it out of the game." Sterling has a different experience "My school was multicultural. The first time I ever said abuse was in Liverpool. I had just been bought from QPR. ”

Could the difference be generational? Is it too much of a leap to say that society as a whole has become less racist since those dark days when Barnes was growing up? If so, why is racism still a problem in football chants? Do people still believe that in this day and age * all * those people making offensive chants actually believe what they say (not that it excludes it at all if they don't)?

Go back to what Milan fans have said, or in fact those fans in France whose club are under the spotlight for homophobic chants and banners, and the common thread with some centuries-old outlook, it's just abuse, pure and simple. People will say what they can to unsettle, offend, and upset the opposition fans and players. And in football, for some reason, this is acceptable. Well, in most cases abuse is acceptable (except racist abuse, homophobic abuse, sexist abuse etc.).

So instead of saying (implicitly) "abuse is fine, just THOSE kinds of abuse", why not stop the abuse altogether? Is that due respect? Did FIFA have a RESPECT campaign even? When fans target the opposition fans / players for whatever reason, why do we need to say “abuse is part of the game”? Are we all (or mostly) competent adults aren't we? Why cheer our own team without crap about anyone else?

Unless fans change their attitude to all abuse, and fans behave like adults, we are papering over the cracks. It is just all bollocks.

The entire football community needs to grow up, behave like adults do in the real world, and stop this crap. Until they do, we can try and stamp out racism and homophobia, but then abuse will just change to something else. And then what?


Spicing up international football
This is a reason many of us dread the international break, watching England win another routine. What I would like to see is UEFA change the format to two legged knockout ties where you would face the same level of teams as in the league format (according to your seeding) but add to the element of fear that you might be knocked out. out at any time. Even the Champions League group games can be drab and not at all about the quality of the sides but knowing the security you have several other games to do it right. If you took that security away, games like England Vs Bulgaria would have more intensity and I think spectators would embrace it more. I know this will happen because the current format is a cash cow for UEFA and the teams involved so we as spectators have to watch the game after the mediocrity game that plays out like pre-season friends.

Bronze goddess
Just read Johnny Nic's celebration of Lucy Bronze. Absolutely right to savor such an exceptional footballer. Shame the link for that amazing goal. It was a stunning strike.

The comments so far are predictably dull and adolescently self-indulgent. Don’t be deterred in celebrating the women’s game because why not?
David lfc

Toon softies
I must say, the more I hear and read about Michael Owen's new book makes me more interested in buying it!

I appreciated he was a talented footballer but felt he was a bit timid (not that there is any harm in that but one needs to be able to stand up for oneself when put on the spot when in the limelight and unfortunately that's the way it is , I never thought he had it in him).

However, I love the way he (and his ghost writer) are pissing off anyone he has had a grudge against for bullying him in the past. They obviously don't take it! They are the weaklings!

Has the book been banned in a Newcastle shop? Man up you northerners and stop calling us softies down here in the south. Don't get so hurt by putting somebody you or Mr Shearer down.

Back to Michael… .go for it!
Chris, Croydon

Brexit corner
So Immigrant Ian, who I assume is firmly backing his own deportation back to Liverpool, says sorry for bringing up Brexit and then providing us with an inaccurate analogy to his views, and he reckons Vote Leave is pursuing a heavy xenophobic rhetorical campaign. Interesting…

Sorry (not sorry) to continue the Brexit debate but here's the headlines from the Vote Leave website (my poor web search history is forever scarred ..) briefing on immigration:


A veritable smorgsabord (Swedish word, sorry Britain) of fear-mongering xenophobia in an easily digestible soundbite format. This mail does not have the time or scope to go into the facts surrounding immigration nor, I suspect, does this mailbox wish to hear them. So lets move back to footie eh, and leave the tedious Brexit debate to those idiots in parliament so they can score points and use it to further their own ambitions and internal powerplays. Hm?

Quickfire footie poll for you: which EU player from your team would you miss the most if they were all asked to leave for some unfathomable reason?
Alay, N15 Gooner

VAR question
So, there is a handball / foul in the penalty area but the ref lets the game on as he completely misses it while VAR checks it in the background. Two seconds later, the pass results in a goal. Within those two seconds, VAR decides, it was a clear cut penalty.
What happens next:

1) The goal stands but the penalty is not awarded?

2) Is the goal scored and a penalty awarded?

3) The goal stands and a penalty is awarded as well?

4) Give VAR a delayed decision and is my head playing games with me?

Answers on a postcard!
Burger's Bob

Get a grip. Love, Liverpool
Now over the last few days I have read messages about Liverpool fans being over sensitive etc. Right let's nip that in the bud straight away no one should go to a football match and not come home no matter who you support, you go the game, you come home. Maybe I'm over sensitive but hey you don't know your grandad because his life was ruined by what he saw that day. Maybe we are all over sensitive, but maybe because other fans of the club seem to have an opinion or something to say about Liverpool. I mean the other day the mailbox was titled "Liverpool free" so if people stop talking about us we won't have to go to the defensive and back club. Get a grip on the lot of yas
Ryan, Liverpool

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