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Top 5 most controversial updates in Fortnite

Fortnite changes dramatically with each and every patch – here are the top five most controversial updates in game's history.

Epic Games launched Fortnite Battle Royale in September 2017 and the game has reached heights that no one would have ever anticipated.

The boom in popularity has allowed the developer to host a $ 40m competitive tournament, the Fortnite World Cup, as well as performing never before seen in-game events such as the Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park.

Epic love to keep their game fresh, with weekly updates constantly changing the meta. However, these five updates were not well received.

Fortnite Season X – Update v10


The BRUTE is almost impossible to defeat.

Where else to start but the current Fortnite season. Fans were overjoyed to see Dusty Depot teased in the build-up to the season's release, hoping to see other locations such as Tilted Towers or Retail Row return too.

While Dusty didn't get reintroduced, as did the B.R.U.T.E (mechs). Easily the most overpowered item in Fortnite history, the two-man vehicle is almost impossible to defend against thanks to its rockets and shotguns. Its ridiculous movement speed and 1,000 HP mean there is almost no counter to its powers.

Fans were so disappointed with the update, the hashtag #RemoveTheMech was trending worldwide. Epic Games eventually pushed out a nerf to giant robots that still remain extremely powerful, especially in the end game.

Siphon removed – Update v8


Siphon was widely loved in the Fortnite community.

While BRUTE has proven to be one of the game's most unpopular additions, the competitive settings known as 'siphon' have been warmly received during the v7.40 patch.

Also known as pop-up cup settings, they grant players health and materials on elimination, meaning you are awarded for picking up kills. Harvesting rate is also increasing meaning farming materials are no longer a chore and more landing spots become viable.

However, at the start of Season 8, Epic Games revealed they would be reverting to adding siphon settings to public matches due to increased levels of "unhealthy aggression". Despite receiving tons of backlash on social media, it never came back.

Planes – Update v7


Plans were a constant headache when building combat.

Another unpopular addition to Fortnite was the X4-Stormwing – otherwise known simply as planes. After the files were leaked, the vehicle was implemented during the Season 7 launch.

While it was handy that the planets could carry four players, they were able to break through structures and damage players with relatively little danger to the passengers. Planes impacted competitive games hugely, with players even starting a 'truce' in the air to make it to the late game together in order to pick up placement points.

Plans were nerfed throughout the season, but players still felt they had no place in Fortnite and they were eventually vaulted on the Season 8 launch.

The Infinity Blade – Update v7.01


Only one player could harness the sword's power.

The introduction of the plans caused a competitive shakeup, but nothing could compare to the havoc caused by Epic Games' introduction of the Infinity Blade. Found at Polar Peak, one player would be able to take advantage of its ridiculous power.

While wielding the item, players could harvest materials quickly while traveling the map at great speeds, all while dealing massive damage to their enemies. In a not-so-timely update, Epic added the Infinity Blade on the Winter Royale qualifiers day.

That prompted some pro players to mock the developer during the games, with Team Liquid's Ryan 'Chap' Chaplo spelling out his support-a-creator code during one of the games.

Again, it was massively nerfed before being vaulted, however, it has returned in various limited-time modes.

Explosive damage through structures – Update v6.21


Not even in a box were you safe from explosive damage.

As Fortnite has progressed, winning in competition has become more and more focused on your ability to 'turtle' and rotate to the next safe zone safely, using the least amount of resources.

With the turtling meta becoming prominent in Season 6, Epic Games added one of the most ridiculous changes to explosive weapons. In the v6.21 update, projectiles would actually deal damage through structures. If an RPG missile hit your wall, you wouldn't get 25% of the weapon's damage capability.

The backlash to the weapon was almost instant, given the abundance of explosive weapons available to use. Epic quickly reversed the change and have sought other methods to counter turtling since such as storm flip or stink bombs.

So there you have it, our list of the top five most controversial updates in Fortnite. As fans continue to bemoan the addition of the mech, Epic Games provided a 'philosophy update' that confirmed the vehicle was here to stay to benefit new players.

With some top Fortnite streamers such as Jack 'CouRage' Dunlop heading to Minecraft, only time will tell if the developer has a change of heart.

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