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The PlayStation 4 No Longer Connects To Facebook

Photo: Sony, Image: Mike Fahey

Starting today, the PlayStation 4 will no longer support Facebook integration. This means you can share your screenshots and trophies with your Facebook friends from your console, as well as a few other restrictions that, though minor, are annoying.

As Sony points out in their article on the issue, "Facebook will no longer be a destination for sharing screenshots, videos, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts." You also won't be able to link to your Facebook friends to your PS4 account. If you are using a picture from Facebook as your profile, you have to change that too.

Kotaku has reached out to Sony and Facebook for more information on why this decision was made. Website VG247 points out that this could be related to the changes Facebook made to data sharing following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In a news post from July, Facebook wrote that it would "immediately" end PlayStation's "access to friend data." Perhaps "immediately" is … now?

I mainly use Facebook on my PlayStation to send screenshots to myself for work. It was a nice feature to have. At least no one can spam their trophies at you anymore.

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