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Psyche Major analyzes the handwriting of Trup’s husband and reveals interesting details

Recently, psychology major Casey Victoria released a video that analyzed the corpse of the corpse husband to reveal information about his personality.

As most readers already know, “Corpse Man” is a YouTube horror narrative that has recently grown in popularity due to the collaboration between us and the “deep, different” voice.

Despite this growth, the dead husband managed to maintain a sense of mysticism around his personality. His fans have no idea what he looks like, and so far no face has been revealed, despite promises to do so.

Instead, fans could see the discovery of handwriting, the discovery of hair, and the discovery of the hand. In this article, we look at Casey Victoria’s analysis of Trump’s husband’s handwriting.

Great psychology reveals information about the personality of the corpse husband based on his handwriting

Casey Victoria is a psychologist who publishes analytical videos of various personalities on the Internet. She recently released a video analyzing Saikuno’s body language. As you can see in the video below, the analysis was quite detailed and gave an interesting picture of Sikunu’s overall personality.

As for the corpse husband’s handwriting, Casey had some very interesting insights. She said he exerts a lot of pressure during writing, which is a sign of unhappiness with someone’s life and the presence of strong emotions.

In addition, she spoke of his “messy posting of letters” and said that the corpse’s husband probably had a mind that was “constantly running”. She was of the opinion that he was having a hard time relaxing, which seems to be not true.

The corpse man has in the past claimed to have anxiety problems and not to leave his house for weeks at a time, sometimes.

Another aspect of his handwriting that Casey discovered was the fact that Corps uses left-leaning letters. According to the specialty in psychology, this is a sign of shyness and being a reserved person.

Finally, she talked about how he did not link his letters and said that this was a sign of high intelligence. She also analyzed specific aspects of his handwriting, such as the fact that Krps puts a “dot” just above the letter “I”. According to her, this is a sign that they are detail-oriented and empathetic.

Another aspect she talked about was the way he wrote “e” and she said that a corpse husband is probably a person who is always skeptical and “on the edge”.

Posted on December 6, 2020, 12:08 AM IST

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