Friday , October 22 2021

Pokemon converted to modern age


Catch them all! No, we're not talking about different types of flu at this time of the year. We're talking about Pokemon – "pocket monsters" that for the first time devoured your wallets in 1996.

Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go: Adventure RPG on Switch.

It may be 22 years since Pokemon Red and Blue hit Gameboy, but the brand is stronger than ever. This week, the movie trailer finally fell on Detective Pikachu, the wildly-looking adaptation of the Pokemon Pokémon, in which the titular yellow monster is now a wise detective, fully expressed by Ryan Reynolds.

If that does not sound unbelievable, the Pokemon Go numbers from last month can do the trick. The two-year mobile game that we all expected was fashion, she made $ 70 million in October alone.

Despite Pikachu's ambition, there is no need for a detective to understand why Nintendo has followed his lead, creating his first Pokemon games on the Link New and Old Switch. Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go Eevee appear this Friday on the Nintendo Switch, drawing inspiration from one of the first yellow games, but nicking the system of fighting Pokemon Go.

Confused? Welcome to the world of pocket monsters. Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go is an adventure RPG game, just like the "standard" Pokemon games in which you play the role of the novice Poke trainer and travel around the world, looking for new monsters, leveling them and taking on the various bosses' bosses. badges. It is based on Pokemon yellow, but converted into a beautiful Nintendo Switch 3D for modern age.

Unlike Pokemon Yellow, Let & # 39; s Go uses a Pokemon Go-like combat system, which means you'll "throw" bulky creatures to capture them instead of "fight" with them in traditional paper scissors, a way based on on statistics. Devastated fans can easily find this compromise discouraging – at least until they realize that the "right" Pokemon game, with traditional gameplay, is planned for next year.

Their apathy can be helped by adding to the game "real" pokeballa. If the fans are ready to quit Nintendo, the company decided they might as well throw real pokeballs. Pokeball accessories allow players to imitate throwing a ball to catch monsters in the game. Can also be used for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu and Let & # 39; s Go Eevee are only different from the Pokémon from which you start, marked by the title. These games are an ideal intermediate step from the usual but extremely lucrative mobile Pokemon Go experience to more traditional console games. This is an excellent crime from Nintendo – but one Pikachu will not be followed in the near future. Pique!


If all of Pokemon's different games mislead you, a good palate can be the Dublin Games Festival taking place on November 24 in RDS. The organizers have divided the event into categories so that you can hunt any game areas.

The most important event is "the largest competitive Fortnit competition in Europe", culminating in the casting of 100 PCs at the festival to find the Irish master. If modern fashion games are not your thing, then there will also be a dedicated Retro section. If you prefer a combination for shooting, the business area can help you make connections in the industry, while there will also be a children's game and a "health in games" section.


Finally, Microsoft treats game developers as if they were a Pokemon last week, announcing the acquisition of several rare Western film studios. Both Obsidian and InExile were bought by Redmond, increasing their output potential of exclusive old school RPGs.

InExile developed the Wasteland games, while Obsidian created Pillars of Eternity, RPG South Park and the classic Fallout: New Vegas. If Microsoft wants to give one of these companies funds to create new, open worlds with a big budget, we can expect exciting times.

On the other hand, both companies may disappear into the takeover business, just like many before them, Pikachu appeared on the corner of Patrick Street, disappearing when your pokeball bounces on the left.

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