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Outlart – the Ballagh community responds to life-saving needs

In the picture are members of the CFR group Oulart-the-Ballagh during their premiere in The Sawdust lnn, The Ballagh
In the picture are members of the CFR group Oulart-the-Ballagh during their premiere in The Sawdust lnn, The Ballagh

A new CFR unit (Community First Responders) has been launched to help people who need medical help while waiting for an ambulance.

The premiere took place at Sawdust Inn, Ballagh, and the event attracted a large crowd to a place that was interesting to learn more about this initiative.

The purpose of the group is to help the National Emergency Service (NAS) in summons, when there is a fear related to time when it comes to the time needed for the arrival of an ambulance.

The group is run on a voluntary basis and operates seven days a week except for all-day Saturday and Sunday.

A newspaper spokesperson told the newspaper that the group was formed as a result of an incident that occurred when an ambulance was called and lasted over two hours to reach the house in Oulart.

"We are fully trained to help with chest pain, choking, stroke and cardiac arrest," said the spokesperson.

The idea to found a group was inspired by the success of similar initiatives in Monageer, Riverchapel and Ferns.

A group of local people have gathered to see what can be done to improve the situation when there are incidents that require potentially life-saving help before the arrival of rescuers.

"A few locals have met to launch a CFR unit in our town," said the spokesperson.

"We have started a fundraiser for the purchase of AED equipment and materials" – she added.

Training for individual members has also started, but the spokesperson underlined the fact that more members of the public are encouraged to get involved.

"We feel that everyone in the community should know about CPR," said the spokesperson.

"You do not need to have a medical education, anyone can do it, and full training will be provided," she added.

The conversations to which the members of the unit will respond will include incidents involving people suffering from chest pains, choking, stroke and heart problems.

The group will operate within a radius of 4 km from Oulart and The Ballagh. To register interest in getting in touch with the unit, you can contact via the group's Facebook page or by contacting Vickie (087-7780749) or Ger (086-1578484).

The spokesperson also stressed that people should know their Eircode because it is the easiest way to find them by the emergency services.

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