Android 10 is finally here to save us from blindingly bright apps, but only a few apps have support for the new dark theme. Instagram might be one of them soon, though. Several tipsters say they've seen Instagram flip over to a darker mode in Android 10, but you probably won't have this feature on your device yet.

Instagram's interface is overwhelmingly white and has been immemorial ever since. Several readers on beta builds (like v114. now report that the app automatically adopts a black and gray interface on Android 10 when you enable the dark theme system. You can see an example above.

I have the Instagram beta on my Pixel, and I didn't get the dark theme. However, you may be looking at the beginning of a large-scale judging test by the number of tips. If you want to take a shot, the Instagram beta is available here. We also have the necessary build on APK Mirror.