Monday , March 8 2021

Lotto confirms where the winning ticket of 500,000 euros was sold

A lucky Wexford gambler is 500,000 euros richer after marking the Euromillions Plus award on Friday night.

The player, who bought his ticket at the Hamel Center store in Kilmakbridge village, won the numbers 01, 03, 37, 41 and 46.

The lottery bosses invite the winner to sign the back of their ticket and get in touch to arrange the collection of their mammoth prize.

Meanwhile, there was no winner in Friday night’s historic € 200m jackpot, which will now be limited to Tuesday’s draw.

Lottery headquarters on Opatija Street in Dublin

According to the rules of the Euromillion community, the jackpot is limited to 200 million euros and any excess will be lowered to the next level of prizes where there are winners.

If not won, the jackpot may remain limited to € 200 million for a maximum of four draws.

A National Lottery spokesman said: “We are really in unprecedented territory as the EuroMillions jackpot hit € 200 million for the first time in the game’s history.

“Because we have reached the maximum jackpot, the entire excess of the jackpot prize will now go down to the lower prize levels, which means that in addition to the real jackpot of 200 million euros for life, these lower level prizes can create even more millionaires. in Ireland at the draw on Tuesday night. ”

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