Sunday , October 17 2021

Irish oral exam for primary school teachers

Students who want to access national postgraduate courses for primary teachers will have to pass a single oral Irish exam as part of the new changes.

Until now, students had to complete separate Irish oral exams for DCU, Maynooth University, Marino Institute of Education and Mary Immaculate College.

Each oral exam took place on the same day as the interview on each third-level institution. Failure in the Irish oral exam meant that the interview was discounted, which significantly increased the pressure on the candidates.

However, from next year there will be one Irish oral exam for all candidates, which will take place before the students submit their application to their preferred institution.

The Irish oral examination will be conducted by the Irish Language Center at the Irish Center for Testing, Testing and Testing. It is to take place in February 2019. In places around the country.

Candidates will then submit their application to their preferred institution and will be invited to talk to these institutions in a timely manner. There will be no further Irish oral exam.

Higher education institutions have announced that the oral Irish exam costs EUR 65 per candidate. However, students who enter through access programs can get a refund.

Education Minister Joe McHugh said changes will help streamline the application process.

"Besides, I think that one standardized Irish oral will do a lot to help reduce fear and pressure and help future students to do their best."

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