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Gardas investigative incident at Beubel Lewis stop

Latest: Gardas says they are investigating a report of a minor attack on the Dublin Luas stop in Dublin on Friday night.

The video appeared on the Internet, showing a dispute between Luas' staff and a young man at the stop.

Operator Luas Trandev says he is investigating the incident and would not comment further at this time.

Local people ahead of TD Brad Smith's profit wants Transport Minister Jane Ross to respond.

"The treatment of that young man by the Luas staff was completely unacceptable and we need an explanation," said Deputy Smith.

"We need a statement from Luas and I'm going to write to Jane Ross this evening.

"Bee asked him to approach Luas to seek a full and proper explanation of what happened.

"I'm sure thousands of people have seen it so far and will be very upset by it.

"It's really disgusting."

Gardas investigative incident at Beubel Lewis stop

Luas confirmed the investigation is under way following a "shocking" viral video

Update at 12: Operator Luas Trandev confirmed that he was investigating an incident at the Blue Luas stop on Friday.

In a video posted on social media, a unified ticket inspector can be seen restricting the young man.

Sinn Fein local councilor Daiti Dolan watched the video and said the incident was unacceptably shocking.

"I don't know what led to that, I don't know what the context is, but what I saw was the shocking level of violence used.

"We need to make sure that anyone who patrols or manages Luas is up to a standard and that they do not use brute force against any passenger because it is frightening. If I was on Luas and saw that, I would be terrified," he said. he.

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