Monday , October 25 2021

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From what it means to be an "angel" to how much a Fantasy Bra is worth, this is what you should know about Victoria & # 39; s Secret models before the world's most famous show on the catwalk.

A ninety-literal $ 7 billion lingerie giant will present its annual New York event this week with supermodels, millions of millions of dollars from the US and several Australians.


Not all models that walk in the Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show are actually "Angels", even if they have a pair of wings. The title refers only to the best models that are up to date with Victoria & # 39; s Secret. These include Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge and Taylor Hill.


Born in Sweden, Elsa Hosk will carry the million dollar Fantasy Bra 1 $, which is made of over 2100 Swarovski diamonds and took 930 hours. This week, Hosk told people that the project has a "90's climate." VS sells a modified version of Fantasy Bra, available to the public, worth USD 250.

Only one model wears Fantasy Bra on the VS exhibition each year, with previous users, including Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adrian Lima and Tyra Banks.


29-year-old Hoskek revealed this week's secret of bloody beauty for Elle: he uses a skin cream made in part from his own blood, created by the vampire's face skin guru, Dr. Barbara Sturm.

"I immediately saw the results, I was exhausted, I remember that it was the last stage of the fashion month, and my skin was grayish," said Hosk.

"I was like …" I need help. "I wore (custom made cream) into bed and woke up, and my skin was alive again.

"It's crazy like your own blood can heal your skin."


Model in size plus Robyn Lawley criticized Victoria & # 39; s Secret for not casting bends.

Groundbreaking Australian model Lawley, 29 years old, said it would be "shocked" if the American underwear giant did not throw the full model. "I hate the Victoria Mystery," Lawley told The Sunday Project in September.

"If they do not use the girl's curve this year, I would be shocked, and if they do not just buy their stuff."

This week, Bella Hadid was marked "disturbingly thin" when she posted a picture in a VS bra and a pair of panties.


Australian model Shanina Shaik, 27 and Kelly Gale, 23, return to the VS tracks this year, with fresh faces Duckie Thot, 23 and Alannah Walton, 18, who made the cut after attending her first ever Victoria & # 39; s Secret. "It rarely happens," said Walton in the Daily Mail.


Australian model Shanina Shaik, 27, had a slightly unconventional advantage over this year's VS program – the fifth in which she will walk. The reality star Model Squad was in London, where he filmed Greed, starring Isla Fisher. before leaving for New York to take part in her final match Victoria & # 39; s Secret.


She took two years out of the Victoria & # 39; s Secret path after giving birth to Dusty and Gino's daughters. Now VS Angel Behati Prinsloo is preparing for the return of VS in New York. But Prinsloo does not consider this a typical fashion show.

"It's a completely different event," said Prinsloo Harper & # 39; s Bazaar.

"You can not compare it to any other show, you can not really call it a fashion show, because it's a show.

"It's like you go to a concert and watch the performances of everyone, and you just want to take root. It also lets you be yourself and bring out your personality."


While this week's Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show will be held in New York, it will not be on TV until December. A special TV show called The Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show Holiday Special has a global audience of 1.4 billion viewers in 192 countries. The Australian broadcasting or broadcasting date has not yet been announced.


Supermodels Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid will be circling this year again at the Victoria & # 39; s Secret track – after only Bella, 22, went on show in 2017. Gigi's 23-year-old was refused a visa to China, where Victoria & # 39; s Secret was exhibited last year in social media that seemed to mock Buddy. This means that Bella will walk in three VS shows, compared to two Gigi.


Of course you are at the Victoria & # 39; s Secret fashion show. Brazilian Adriana Lima, 37, earlier said that the models are competitive in relation to what clothes they wear. "During the fight, we fight for who has the biggest wings," said veteran VS Buzzfeed. "But we really like each other."

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