Sunday , June 20 2021

Aib warns of two telephone scams that may affect their clients

Make sure you're not caught.

AIB warns of two scams that could potentially pose a threat to the safety of their clients.

Currently, there are two separate frauds in circulation that have been posted on the AIB website.

Both frauds include receiving phone calls that provide the following information:

  • Law enforcement officer; for example, Narodowa Agencja Kryminalna / Europol / Interpol, informing you that your access to the broadband network has been compromised, your identity has been stolen and your computer is used for criminal purposes; for example, drug trafficking / money laundering. They will ask you for help by making payments that they think will follow to identify criminals. Callers may recommend that they do not disclose this information to law enforcement / bank personnel.
  • A public utility company: e.g. a telephone / mobile phone provider, a broadband provider or a software company that offers "repair" problems with desktop computers and broadband connectivity. Callers will try to persuade the user to enter bank details or card and enter codes from the card reader in order to get access to online banking and making unfair payments.

You can ask the caller to remotely control the computer for "help", but this may allow the fraudsters to show false screens.

Customers were asked to contact the bank immediately if they receive one of these calls.

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