Sunday , May 16 2021

When the similarities between the US and Indonesia presidential elections are in the spotlight


The US presidential election this year is in the spotlight, as it is said to be “similar” to the situation in Indonesia during the 2019 presidential election. The nuances of “similarities” emerged after Donald Trump won his presidential victory elections.

This was expressed by a number of foreign figures, including investigators of international journalists on Twitter. This description of the US presidential election was originally presented by the head of the Washington bureau for ABC Australia, David Lipson. He said the nuances of the US presidential election were like the political situation in Indonesia.

“I feel like politics in Indonesia now,” David Lipson wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday (April 11, 2020).

Shortly afterwards, Ross Tapsel responded to the tweet. Taspel said the situation is not very similar unless Trump is appointed defense minister. “Nell. But that’s not a real Indonesian policy unless Trump eventually becomes Secretary of Defense Biden,” Taspel said on Twitter.

Taspel is a senior lecturer at the College of Asia-Pacific, Australian National University. Involved in the ANU Indonesia Project and the Nova Mandala news / analysis website. He is also on the editorial board of AsiaSpace: Digital Asia magazine.

Jokovi-Prabovo met on MRTJokovi-Prabovo meeting in MRT Photo: Muchlis Jr. / Bureau of the Secretariat of the Presidency

A tweet comparing the US presidential election with the Indonesian presidential election also came from Aaron Connelly. Connelly is the project director for Southeast Asia at the Australian Research Center, the Lowy Institute. Served until 2018.

“But Biden will not touch the record for most votes in Indonesia’s world presidential election last year: 85,607,362,” Connelly tweeted.

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