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Wayan Aris runs to save his child from the bite of a dog infected by rabies, but too late

Wayan Aris runs to save his child from the bite of a dog infected by rabies, but too late

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, BANGLI – As if nothing happened, the face made Krisna Bastian looked happy like a child at all.

While putting the lollipop into his mouth, this five-year-old boy showed a bite of a wild dog on his right shoulder.

Ni Wayan Aris revealed on Friday (11/16/2018), an unfortunate incident that fell on his second child happened a week ago, namely Friday (11/09/2018).

That afternoon, Made Krisna accompanied him to take care of the pigs in the cage behind the house.

Not so long ago, Made Krisna, who played alone, suddenly approached the wild dog and immediately attacked his right hand.

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Finding her child's cry, a woman from Alisbintang Hamlet, Sulahan village, Susut immediately panicked and immediately ran to her child.

He said he immediately gave first aid, cleaning the wound on the child's arm with water and escaping to the hospital to receive the anti-rabies serum (SAR) and the rabies vaccine (VAR).

Sitting next to the neighbors, he added that the wild dog was immediately hunted down to kill him.

"There were also people who take samples of dogs' brains. Yesterday, on Monday (11/12/2018), the results of laboratory control appeared, and the result was that the dog was positive in terms of rabies," he said.

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