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Used MPV IDR 70m earlier this month, has all pages in Avanza, Innova and Stream

JAKARTA, The Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment is an option for many consumers looking for used four-wheeled vehicles.

Especially at the end of the year like this, where buyers are increasingly looking for cars with spacious cabin capacity to be able to pick up a lot of passengers for a vacation or at home.

In addition to car brands, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, prices are being considered for potential buyers when choosing a private car to use.

Used MPVs with a price of 100 million IDR and below are the best-selling cars and are in demand by consumers.

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For example, a potential buyer has only 70 million kroner. There are many used MPV options at this price on websites for buying and selling online and from various manufacturers.

New NIssan Serena type X, the cheapest version.CompassOtomotiv-don April New NIssan Serena type X, the cheapest version.

WTC Manga Dua senior manager of used car exchanges Herjanto Kosasih said that used car enthusiasts continued to grow at the end of this year.

The increase has not been felt since last November, when buyers of used cars continued to rise.

“I do not mind the end of the year, since November last year, buyers have started to increase. “The most popular models are MPV types,” Herjanto told, Saturday (5/12/2020).

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Herjanto added that the choice of MPV at the end of this year is partly due to the consideration that the cabin space is larger compared to other types.

In this way, the number of goods or passengers that can be transported for vacation or return home will also increase.

“With this increase, the price will also start to rise between Rs 5 million to Rs 10 million, because the goods are also starting to be small,” he said.

Used car of WTC Manga Mega Nanda Used car of WTC Manga Dua

Next is a selection of used MPVs priced at IDR 70 million on buy and sell websites

1. Nissan Serena in 2010 with a price of 73 million kroner

2. Nissan Grand Livina in 2014 with a price of 79 million IDR

3. Suzuki APV SGH in 2008 with a price of 75 million IDR

4. Daihatsu Gran Max 2012 with a price of 79 million crowns

5. Daihatsu Luxio 2010 with a price of 74 million crowns

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6. Toyota Kiang Inova in 2005 Is priced at 77.5 million kroner

7. Toyota Avanza G in 2009 with a price of 77.5 million Rp

8. The 2006 Honda Stream is priced at Rs 74.5 million

9. Daihatsu Xenia 1.3 XI in 2010 with a price of 76 million kroner

10. Nissan Evalia 2012 at a price of 78.5 million IDR

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