Friday , April 16 2021

Twitter announces fleets, Internet: Be yourself without following other concepts

The mind of the people – The social media platform Twitter announced its new feature called Fleet. This feature was announced on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

Just like the Instagram Stories feature, Twitter Flats allows users to create short content 24 hours a day.

Twitter has announced the Flights feature as a new way to create new user experiences.

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However, the announcement of the Flotti feature was clearly not well received.

Many users say they are disappointed and do not need Flits features that are thought to mimic other social media platforms.

“Dear Twitter, be normal, be yourself without following other media concepts. We are comfortable with you without the story / fleet, we are comfortable with the direct RT button. We are comfortable because you are different: ‘). From the older generation, 2010, “ write user @iqbalfd.

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Dear Twitter, please be yourself, do not imitate other technological styles, it is not like you want stories / fleets, it is really sophisticated, but we miss your old features, we do not miss you who used to go back to Twitter as before. Greetings, Class 2011 “ write a user @ Sarjanaojol_

Several other users have stated that they do not need fleets, but there are a few more features that Twitter needs to add.

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