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This is a Merpati business plan if 2019 Fly Again


Jakarta, – If the hearing at the Commercial Court Surabaya (PN) accepts the peace offer made by the 14/11 creditor, the situation will be a historic day for the pioneering airline PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines.

Earlier, at the session on Wednesday last week (7/11), the panel of judges postponed the reading of the results of the judgments, because the proposal and the room of creditors and debtors in voting should first be examined.

In the previous vote, most of the creditors approved the room and hoped that Merpati would be able to act again to restore his financial condition.

They believe that Merpati can I'm flying again because there are investors, namely PT Intra Asia Corpora, who are willing to allocate Rp6.4 trillion in phases so that capital can operate again.

According to the president of the director Merpati Capt. Asep Ekanugraha is the capital of the capital of Merpati to re-emerge.

"With the new fleet (fleet), potential routes and reliable human resources Merpati will be able to meet its obligations" – he said on

As you know]due to the ending of the repayment of the debt repayment obligations (PKPU) by way of a vote of peace, 81 out of 85 concurrent creditors stated that they agreed and 4 did not agree. While of the separatist creditors, only 1 did not agree with the peace proposal, namely the Ministry of Finance.

The principle of business continuity was supported by the management, trying to find investors as a sign of the seriousness with which Merpati would rise again.

That is why Asep is an optimist and he hopes that Merpati will still be able to launch a new business plan and business model.

If it turns out that Merpati has declared bankruptcy, it will not be possible and certain that Merpati will pay back the debt to the creditors.

But if the judge's decision is still an opportunity for peace, the Merpati business plan will be carried out.

Merpati board president Asep Ekanugraha said management has plans and business models to re-conduct the Merpati debate.

The company's restructuring and revitalization process began, since Merpati stopped working on February 1, 2014. "The goal is to save Merpati from further bleeding financially," said Asep.

As long as Merpati does not fly, the next restructuring process is the release and generation of existing business units, namely Merpati Training Center and Merpati Maintenance Center in 2016.

The restructuring continued in connection with the release of approximately 1,441 employees in 2017.

"Currently, both the training center and the service center can stay alive, though the dismissal process has been reluctant to be approved by all employees, and they realize that Merpati's position is in trouble," Asep said.

If on Wednesday (11/14) the homologation is approved and the referee's decision is accepted, Merpati is ready with his business plan.

"The first reborn Merpati flight will take place in Biak in western Papua, the eastern region, which is one of the main Merpati bases," said Asep.

Current conditions, according to Asep, should be an impulse for the growth of Merpati.

He mentioned many potentials that became a perfect opportunity for Merpati to rise from "suspended animation".

First of all, most of the creditors want the pigeon to fly away. Secondly, there are already investors who will pay out 6.4 billion trillion IDR as Merpati capital to the air and exist in the aviation industry.

The third potential, according to Asep, is the still open niche market in the country with the growing number of new airports and the expansion of existing airports. In addition to greeting tourists and millenials who like to travel, the government opens 10 new tourist destinations as "new Bali".

The top 10 priority destinations are Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Belitung (Babel), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), Thousand Islands (DKI Jakarta), Borobudur Temple (Central Java), Mount Bromo (East Java), Mandalika Lombok (NTB), Komodo Island (NTT), Wakatobi National Park (South-East Celebes) and Morotai (North Maluku).

Meanwhile, in the case of a fleet or air fleet, Merpati will not operate outgoing aircraft Boeing and Airbusbut sophisticated aircraft made in Russia. "But it was not the one who had an accident on Mount Salak, Bogor," Asep said when he was asked.

According to the business plan developed, according to Asep, Merpati will not participate in the low-cost airline segment (LCC).

Then, in addition to working on flights in eastern Indonesia, Merpati also intends to fly along routes in all regions of Indonesia.

"It is even possible to explore potential foreign routes," he said.

Currently, according to Asep, is the impetus for the world of aviation in Indonesia to create balance and make improvements.

Merpati's return is a chance for a healthy new balance in the aviation industry in this country.

The community will also have multiple airlines to fly to many regions.

"Saya I heard that there are many parties from the community in eastern Indonesia who want and support Merpati to fly again," Asep said.

Regarding the aspect of the company, Asep revealed that if investors do not want excessive intervention, such as entering and asking for a position in the management structure.

"Investors want the funds that have been planted to be used as well as possible so that the company can gradually be healthier, make profits, and settle its debt obligations," said Asep.

Regarding the government, Asep assessed, if Merpati will work again, it will have a positive impact. It will provide additional tax revenues to the state from business operations.

In addition to increasing tax revenues, Merpati's activity will transform an economical airline into an airline business that will certainly consume a lot of work.

"What's more, there are many pilots who are unemployed graduates of aviation schools," he concluded.

Gerard Arijo Guritno

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