Saturday , August 15 2020

The planet banned is found by astronomers, located 920 light-years from Earth

A team of astronomers discovered a banned planet, which is about 920 light-years from Earth, and measures 3 times more.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A team of international astronomers recently discovered the "Forbidden Planet", which is about 920 light-years from Earth.

The planet was declared a banned planet by researchers because it is locked in orbit very close to its parent.

The orbital configuration of a planet similar to Neptune is even called rarely seen. These results are published in the monthly newsletter of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Astronomers describe this planet as Neptune and very close to its star. It makes the planet only 1.34 days on the ground to complete an orbit.

To describe the proximity of this orbit, astronomers gave the term "the Neptune Desert".

"The term" Neptune Desert "comes from the observation that there are many medium mass planets for a very short period (orbitals)," said Koel Helier, an astronomer who was not involved in the study, quoted by Gismodo on Wednesday (May 29, 1969).

However, the location between planets and stars is that astronomers are somewhat strange.

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Because, at such a close distance, the parent star can ignite the planet to its core. This planet with the formal name NGTS-4b actually shows an anomaly and opposes the theory.

This strange object was discovered by a team led by Richard West, an astronomer from Warwick University, who used the Next Generation Telescope (NGTS).

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