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The film "A man called Ahok" translates into a million viewers, Ahok thanks him

Solopos.com, SOLO – The latest film about the life of ex-governor DKA Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, alias Ahok, drew the attention of the Indonesian people. The film, in which Daniel Mananta performs, revolves around Ahoka's childhood until he sat as East Regent of Belitung, Bangka Belitung.

For nine days, the film released on Thursday (11/08/2018), put on over a million viewers. It is expected that this figure will continue to grow due to the film A man called Ahok still on the cinema screen.

The success of the film A man called Ahok they make Ahok happy. The one who was still in jail thanked the inhabitants of the country who had seen the film about him. "For all movie viewers A man called Ahok, thank you for your support, thanks to which you have reached a million viewers. Go in the name of truth, honesty, humanity and justice. Greetings from Mako Brimob, BTP, "Ahok wrote on a piece of paper photographed and sent via the @Basukibtp Instagram account on Saturday (17/11/2018).

The uploaded file informed about the number of viewers A man called Ahok reached 1,009,303 people on Friday (November 16, 2018). This film is based on the same book by Rudi Valinka. This film does not mention politics at all.

Through the movie A man called Ahok. director Putram Tuta talks about the closeness of Ahoka with his father. As a boy, Ahok was close to his father and strongly adhered to the various councils that made success become the regent of East Belitung.

Movie A man called Ahok shows the origin of Ahoka, which is strong and evil. This movie takes place in the hometown of Ahok in Belitung. In addition to Daniel Manant, the film also stars Kin Wah Chew, Denny Sumargo, Sita Nursanti, Eriska Rein and Jill Gladys.

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