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Tata Janeetta’s husband is a figure who is finally revealed to the public … the whole page

JAKARTA,– The mystery of the singer Tata Janeeta’s husband has finally been revealed to the public.

After being married twice and the relationship ended in failure, Tata is now back in a serious relationship.

Tata finally left the bachelor period quietly.

Even the virtual world was obsessed with her husband’s figure.

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Starting with male initials B.

Initially on Wednesday (21/10/2020), Tata posted a photo of a man wearing a kebab. Tata edited the photo of the man with the face of Korean actor Hyun Bin, who is currently a target of women.

In that post, Tata wrote the title of the photo “Kang mas rambutnya kok awir-awiran …. hyun-B, “.

This also shocked the virtual world and made people curious about the man with the initials B who became the breaking heart of Tata.

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Dad sends photos of kebabs

There was little response from the public’s slight curiosity about Tata’s marriage post-from Friday (30/10/2020).

The photos show Tata Janeeta in a kebab as if in the process of a traditional Java wedding procession.

The reason is, there is a photo of Tata praying. In addition, she also posed on a chair in the aisle with her two children.

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Bismillah .. I ask for your blessings (ask for his blessings)“, Wrote Tata Janeeta.

However, none of the photos shared by the frontman of the duo Mahadevi show the face of the man who accompanies him.

There is only a photo of Keris tucked around the man’s waist. Similarly, when a man performs a singing man.

Maja Estianti, Tata Janeeta’s colleague, was seen attending.

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Finally went public

After intriguing the public for several days, finally on Wednesday (April 20, 2020), Tata revealed the figure of her husband.

Apparently, Tata Janeetta’s husband is Raden Brotoseno, Angelina Sondak’s ex-husband.

He posted on his Instagram account @tatajaneetaofficial the wedding photo of the singer of Brotoseno’s “Seducer”.

In the photo, Brotoseno is wearing a wedding ring on Tata Janeetta’s finger, in a traditional Javanese white dress.

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This is the third time Tata Janeeta has married after two failed attempts.

“Speaking of soul mates, sometimes confusing“, Wrote Tata, quoted by, Thursday (5/11/2020).

Tata Janeeta and Brotoseno Thinking about their experiences, according to Tata, a long relationship does not guarantee its sustainability.

On the other hand, there are those who do not know, meet suddenly and then get married“Tata writes. Tata believes that God has all the ways to bring people together with their soul mates. Because competition is a mystery of life.

But the most important thing is good intentions, worship seeking the blessing of God. Bismillah“, Wrote the former staff of Mahadevi.

Happily greeted by his fellow artists

The unveiling of the figure of Tata Janeetta’s husband also gathered words of happiness from his famous colleagues in the photo comment column.

For example, Maia Estianty, who at the time was married to former Mahadewi staff.

“He finally broke the egg. Hahaha,” Maya wrote.

Then, Messiah Siregar flooded Tata’s comment column. “Ihiyyy finally understood! Alhamdulillah! I hope my grandparents know how to do that“, Wrote Messiah.

Then, Fitri Salhuteru congratulated him. “You are very happy to be part of our family, Samawa,” Fitri wrote.

In addition, there were Vinalia, Anita Hara, Meli Mono, City Badria, Fairusa Arafik, Alvin Adam, Nia Danieti and Audi Eute, who also congratulated Tata and Brotoseno on their wedding.

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