Thursday , June 24 2021

Successful diet, Tia Ariesta called 4 foods to avoid

JAKARTA, – The artist Tia Ariesta managed to lose 20 kilograms (kg) in four months.

Although a person’s needs are not always the same, Tia Ariesta shares foods that are not eaten during the diet.

She mentioned several foods that should be avoided or reduced during the diet, of course with the advice of a specialist.

Basicthat is four. “Oil, flour, sugar and coconut milk,” Tia Ariesta was quoted as saying by the ITIKK family on Sunday (June 12, 2020).

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In addition to these four basic foods, there are other foods that should be avoided during the diet program. Among them, nuts and their derivatives.

“But there are many other foods to avoid, such as peanut sauce, beans and their derivatives, cheese,” Tia said.

In addition to avoiding these foods, Tia Ariesta reminded of the importance of setting meal times.

Tia Ariesta said that during the weight loss program, he divided his meals into six portions.

In addition, Tia Ariesta takes care of her eating portions.

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