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Skiper Aqua Mas can communicate with Basarnas


CIANJUR, – The ship named Aqua Mas 05 was reported as missing contact in the southern part of Java, the waters of Cidaun, Cianjur Regency, West Java, Sunday (11/11/2018) in the afternoon. The tonda ship has four people, one captain (Irfana) and three crew members (ABK). They are Ape, Akbar and Ake.

It is believed that an orange ship with a combination of yellow length and 8 meters has suffered damage to the engine parts.

"We Sukabumi SAR Post helped the SAR SAR Office in Bandung to coordinate with the potential of maritime SAR in the Sukabumi and Cianjur regions," said Faber Sinaga, Coordinator on the phone, on Sunday evening.

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He said his party was able to communicate with the captain of the ship via a mobile phone connection. On the basis of the captain's confirmation, the ship is in a dead engine condition, thanks to which it still carries electricity. The crew of the ship is trying to reach the coast.

"I suggested that if you see a fishing boat or FAD device to get close to it," said Faber.

Faber explained that the SAR Sukabumi Outpost was informed by the Trenggalek SAR Post on Sunday afternoon. The ship's position has the coordinates 7 ° 38,470 & # 39; S – 106 ° 53,60 & & 39; T. After putting it on the map the location is located in the waters of Cianjur, Cidaun region.

"We also coordinated directly with the Bandung SAR office, today the team from the Bandung SAR office went to the southern Cianjur region," he said.

The ship left Nusantara Rumpong fishing port on October 24 and had to arrive at the port of Prigi Trenggalek, East Java, 4 November.

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