Sunday , October 24 2021

Skin care not only from products, lifestyle is also important


TEMPO.CO. Jakarta – important thing for skin care is the selection of the right product and skin type. However, routine use of skin care products is in fact not sufficient to optimally maintain skin health.

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According to dermatologist Edwin Tanihah, lifestyle also plays an important role skin care. "I want to emphasize that not only do we use permanent skin care, but the lifestyle must also be appropriate," said Dermatologist, Dr. Edwin Tanihaha, at the Four Seasons Hotel, South Jakarta, Tuesday, 6 November 2018.

Edwin explained that doing the right skin care with the proper routine will not produce maximum results if you smoke or drink less water. There are several things that also play an important role in maintaining health skin, such as sufficient sleep to limit the possibility of pandas or perform stress-reducing activities.

These activities are very helpful in maintaining health skin. "Exercise is also important because it releases toxins from sweat. This is good for the skin," continues Dr. Edwin Tanihaha. So routine use of healthy products and a healthy lifestyle must be done in a sustainable way to maintain healthy skin. It is not enough to have the right product or just a healthy lifestyle. Both must be done if you do not want to have different skin problems.

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