Saturday , February 27 2021

Replies to Curhatan Azka Corbuzier, Kalina Oktarani apologizes

JAKARTA, – The famous Kalina Oktarani answered her son Azka Corbusier.

Earlier, Azka Corbusier said he did not want to be drawn into his mother’s love affair with his new partner Vicky Prasetio.

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It is not easy for you to understand everything that happened. It is not easy for you to accept news about mom. I do not want mom to include you“, Wrote Kalina Oktarani, quoted from the account @kalinaocktaranny, Tuesday (24.11.2020).

Because Azka was still with Mom, Mom was always trying to teach you, so let’s look up. Because life is not always at the tophe wrote.

Kalina Oktarani finally apologized to her son.

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Maybe according to Azka what you did was not in line with Azka’s life, I’m sorry about that, dear“, Wrote Kalina.

Kalina said that she always tries to be a good mother for Aska that she will be proud of in the future.

Mom tries to be a mother that Azka can be proud of. Although maybe at this point things turned upside downhe wrote.

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Whatever she admitted, Kalina wanted to make money legally, not by asking for mercy from other people.

Not showing mom’s hand to someone else and mom thinks Azka knows that“, Wrote Kalina.

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