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Only with this massage, stiff neck and low back pain will immediately disappear!


JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – Do you often feel stiffness and pain in the neck? Causes can vary, for example, due to work, physical activity or injuries during exercise

Quoted from the site, a stiff neck can be overcome with a massage. Which has the following advantages:

  1. Supports blood circulation, helps blood supply nutrients needed for muscles and tissues, thus reducing muscle pain
  2. It reduces muscle tension
  3. Massage can not only relieve pain, but can also stimulate the production of endorphins in the body (can cause pleasure and comfort)
  4. It can relieve depression and anxiety, thanks to which it can improve the quality of sleep

How do you mass-mass?

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  1. Apply oil to the neck and then massage with your hand from top to bottom
  2. Apply both hands to the left and right arms
  3. Use your thumb to slowly press a few acupuncture points, which will help to loosen the muscles in the area
  4. Use the lower arm to massage each arm (from bottom to top)

Quoted from (14/11), in addition to neck and shoulder massage, you can also use the same massage method to cope with waist aches and depression, thus improving sleep quality

  1. The patient is sitting, then using the two thumbs to massage the waist (movement from the bottom up)
  2. Then use the lower waist massage arm (press slowly)

Please see more clearly in the following video:

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