Monday , October 25 2021

On the digital economy, Jokowi calls to ask the minister not to make strange rules


JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo assures that the government is still striving to create a favorable climate for creative industries in the country. Therefore, the government will not introduce many rules that make it difficult for creators from the creative industry.

"It is too regulated, even if it is not creative afterwards," he told Jok during the dialogue of the millennium at Jalan Braga, Bandung, on Saturday (11/10/2018).

Jokowi recognized openness for better generation of new ideas, new ideas and new programs for generations of the millennium.

"I always tell the minister," do not make strange rules about digital economywhat is related to the creative industry, "he said, greeted with a noisy Millennium generation of applause.

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If the demands on creating rules come from creative industry workers, Jokowi agrees. If not, however, the existing rules are afraid that they are actually hindering the creativity of young people.

"Because often the regulation does not provide support for the idea and idea, instead it usually inhibits, I'm afraid of it" – he said.

On this occasion, the presidential candidate number 01 praised the city of Bandung as a place for the development of creative industry players.

"I believe that after seeing creative industryhere digital economy, specific examples, I want to say that creative center the most prepared Indonesia is in Bandung, "he said.

Meanwhile, the current creative industry employees enthusiastically accepted the presence of Jokowi. They fight to shake hands, take photos and ask questions to the former governor of the DKI in Jakarta. They also called on Jokowi to again win the presidential elections in 2019.

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