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On the cliffs of Bali Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani Married

JAKARTA, – Singer and artist in the role of Christian Bautisty (37) and his idol, Kat Ramnani, are married in Bali on November 17, 2018.

The couple made a sacred promise in the Luhur Chapel, Tirtha Uluwatu, which is located on a cliff with a magnificent view of the Indonesian Ocean.

Ramnani, who is the executive director of a telecommunications company, wore a dress designed by the Israeli designer Inbal Dror. Meanwhile, Bautista has an emerald green tuxedo from Francis Libiran.

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After the ceremony of their dedication, the wedding took place at Tirtha Uluwatu. According to photographer Francis Perez, guests were treated with four dishes of wine.

The event continued in the open ground under the lighting of flickering lights, where Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani cut the cake butter cream four layers with Naked Patisserie donuts.

Many well-known personalities participated in their wedding, including singers Erik Santos, Sam Concepcion and Mark Bautista, actress Cris Villonco, businessman Christian Mark Jacobs and television actress Cesca Litton.

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This night was also filled with music. Christian Bautista sang from Concepcion.

On the night before the blessing ceremony, Bautista and Ramnani organized a party about Bollywood.

After the Bali event, a couple of newlyweds will organize a second party in the Philippines in December 2018.

Christian Bautista applied for Kat Ramnani in Venice, Italy, October 30, 2018, for more romance for two years.

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