Monday , June 14 2021

Meet Millennial Needs, Super 4G Quota Solution

MEDAN. – Seeing the high communication needs of the Millennium generation, PT. Smartfren Telecom, Tbk, as a provider of Internet services based on 4G LTE technology, established a "Super 4G limit".

Smartfren is optimistic that with the presence of this product, all the millennial generation needs to always be connected to the Internet can be properly met.

Jephry Batubara, head of the regional North Sumatra Smartfren company, said we've introduced Super 4G data from 10 GB, 16 GB, 30 GB and 60 GB, because we think Millennials have different communication needs.

"Someone must always be connected, but do not worry that he will not have a limit." We have a "Super 4G" assignment that can be used for any application for 24 hours without restrictions, for those who need a large amount, we have "Super 4G", "he said.

Besides, only Smartfren is full 4G, 4G pay is definitely 4G 4G. Because what Millenniale needs is playing games without delay, streaming does not use buffering and enjoys social media without slowing down.

"Now, thanks to Smartfren, everyone can enjoy the best Internet services at affordable prices."

Super 4G Quota is a product offering a very large Internet limit with a wide selection of prices, each of which, Super 4G: "10 GB, Rp. 30,000," Super 4G ", 16 GB, Rp. 40,000," Super 4G ", 30 GB , Rp. 60,000 "Limit Super 4G" 60 GB, Rp 100,000.

"Every product of the" Super 4G Quota "presented by Smartfren is also the product that has the lowest price of 2 thousand per 1 GB, compared to the price of data allocation by other operators in Indonesia. Let's go to the Smartfren Super 4G Quota, you can in the nearest store with mobile phones. "The Super 4G limit can be used by smartphone users and Wi-Fi modems for 24 hours on the Smartfren 4G LTE network," he concluded.(wełna / rls / dane2)

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